For many people who are just getting started with WordPress, the decision to use traditional vs headless WordPress themes (at least in terms of themes) is probably based on the idea that if there is an alternative that works fine, why would anyone pay money for a premium option? This mindset aligns with standard startup advice, which suggests that people who wish to start a new blog or website keep expenditures minimal so that they don’t have excuses to delay their launch.

Today in this modern era every simple application/ to complex application is made by a web developer. Web developers playing a huge and very sensitive role in the latest technology. I will tell you in this blog post how you can become a web developer in 2022, what is web development? and who is web developer? How to become a web developer Nowadays, we have a number of oppertunities to learn web development. Here we…

Who is a freelancer? A freelancer is a person who works as a self-employed for organizations, individuals, or companies. He does work independently and does not responsible to take orders from high authorities. Table of Contents Who is a freelancer? What things do you need to start freelancing? 10 steps to start a freelancing career 1: Chose a niche 2: Clear about your services 3: Design your high quality portfolio 4: Start freelancing before quite…

Freelancing is a skill in which a person selling their services. Services can be

  • Writing Books
  • Make websites
  • Graphics design
  • Provide virtual assistant services
  • Products marketing

these are the few main freelancing services that are seller offers to buyers all over the world. How to start freelancing as a beginner?

A Comprehensive SEO Enhancement Guide to Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO SEO for starter It is the ultimate task in SEO objective of every new and old organization to get loads of traffic by conducting Search Engine Optimization with Google algorithm (SEO) techniques. The problem starts in getting traffic when a certain section of the target audience is keen to do anything in SEO to make their online website reach the top of the…

Core i7 gaming laptops are in high demand, thanks to their splurging hardware. These mobile gaming machines feature speedy processors along with a high quantity of RAM and storage. As a result, the gamers get the luxury to play AAA titles with PC-like performance. The best part is that you do not have to sit in a corner while playing. You can play with friends while sitting together as gaming laptops are easy to carry around. We…

Best Password Manager It starts with password security. Get Started! Protect your business in minutes. encrypt passwords, and more. Secure Password Storage. With recent cybercriminals constantly looking for new ways to rip you off, you if you are technology gadget user have to take security seriously. Since passwords (easy to guess) are your first line of defense against cybercrime, it’s the first place to begin strengthening security.

How to Fix LCP Issues: Longer Than 4s (Desktop) or (Mobile) Let me explain more about How to fix LCP Issue Owning a webpage doesn’t simply mean creating content and posting it. In this day and age, when there are so many sites trying to offer the same things, it is important to rise above the rest. Today, simply having well-written articles doesn’t do that. A page has to rank well on Google in order…