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Free Guest Post Submission Sites 2019

Guest blogging or guest posting is free. You don’t have to pay for guest blogging, because those blog owners get blog posts from you. There also exist paid guest blogging where you get paid for writing guest posts.

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Free Guest Blogging site can help you to get traffic online by post your content on other guest bloggers website.This guest post service will be free of cost post.

Free Guest Post Submission Sites 2019

Are you finding a list of blogs that accept guest posts?

So you are on the right place, today you will get one.

But wait let me tell you something about the Guest blogging before…

Guest Posting is not just a way for getting backlinks rather it helps to increase your brand awareness to the new audience.

For the beginners who don’t know what is guest blogging? Here is the definition which you should know before moving ahead.

Guest blogging is the traditional way to promote your web blog or website. In this strategy, you may post your article or blog post on others blog by getting their permission for posting. By this way, both of you can gain benefits of posting two blogs together.

In My Words, Guest Blogging is a way to allow your users to post on your blog. It will be too useful for your blog and also for your Visitor. It will boost your blog traffic and also increase the popularity of author of that article and he will also get traffic to his blog from your blog.
Guest blogging is the best every way for the beginners who just started to promote their blog. But is it hard to find blogs that accept guest posts?
I don’t think so?
You can easily find blogs that accept guest posts by typing these search queries:
  • Your Niche + “Write For Us”
  • Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”
Search for Guest Post Opportunity
In today’s Post, I will be going to share you a list of the blogs that accept Guest Posts from different niches so you can easily go and write a guest post.

Blogging/Internet Marketing/Content Marketing

Freelance Writing

You can find freelancing blogs that accept guest posts by entering query Freelance + “Write For Us” in your google search bar.

Travel Blogs




After the request in the comments section, today finally I am going to update this list with the Education blogs which accept guest post. So, here are the blogs:


Eating delicious food is awesome and making them as well. Here is the food blogs which accepts guest posts.

These are the 51+ Blogs from different niches which are accepting guest post on their blog, you can check out their guidelines.

You can also find more blog using the query, I have discussed above

Few more free guest post sites

Free Guest post Sites DA Charge Category
1 20 free General
2 90 free General
3 30 free General
4 14 free General
5 28 free General
6 24 free General
7 32 free General
8 16 free General
9 12 free Tech
10 15 free General
11 20 free Auto