How to become a web developer in 2022? Is web development a good profession?

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Today in this modern era every simple application/ to complex application is made by a web developer. Web developers playing a huge and very sensitive role in the latest technology. I will tell you in this blog post how you can become a web developer in 2022, what is web development? and who is web developer?

To get noticed over the Google, Organizations create excellent websites by outsourcing website development services to the companies and invest huge on website development task.

How to become a web developer

Nowadays, we have a number of oppertunities to learn web development. Here we have two choices one is paid and one is free. lets discuss free:

1: Learn website development free

We can learn website development free by using youtube, w3 school, greek force academy, khan academy, udemy. I will recommend you to learn website development basics from youtube then you should move towards an advanced website development course. But here advanced courses are paid and we can see that in paid courses, instructors are teaching more than online youtube tutorials. But if you want to learn advanced website development freely then you can go to online websites where professional web developers put their experience and you can explore your knowledge from these websites.

2: Learn website development by paying

You can also learn website development after paying but here I want to tell you that you can learn web development online also by paying. Here I’m going to tell you about a very impressive and popular website whose name is udemy. here you can find any kind of course which are paid as well as free but most of the advance type of courses are paid.

Top 10 programming languages used in website development

  • HTML (hyper text markup language)
  • CSS (cascading style sheet)
  • Js (java script)
  • php
  • java
  • python
  • sql
  • .net
  • angular js

Types of website development

  • Frontend website develpment
  • backend website development
  • full stack website development

1:frontend web developer:

Here, by frontend name, you can see that the developer who learns web development for the front side of the website. frontside mean when you open any kind of website in the search engine you just see front side of the website that how the web look likes and perform functions

In frontend web development, the developer learns 3 languages namely ( HTML, CSS, js). You can become a web developer by learning frontend side in 6 months

2: backend developer

A backend developer is a person who makes interacts with the backend of a website, backend means how the server behaves and your web function performs.

For backend development, you need to learn python, java, and PHP.

You can become a web developer by learning backend dev in 6-12 months.

3: fullstack web developer

Full stack web developer is becoming more popular among developers after one statement which was issued by facebook.


basically, a full-stack developer is a person who handled the website by frontend as well as backend. You can become a full-stack developer by learning html, css, js, php, java, python.

Website development scope

In the computer industry, there is a vast scope of web development. But before choosing this profession, this is my personal opinion to people to search about that, then move forward because website development is not a kid toy rather its a complete field which occupies another multiple fields in it. So you should first do well researched and then take a step.

Is web development is good for everyone?

Most of the students who studied their matriculations and intermediates in computer sciences can easily understand programming because in web development you just write a code and then implement it. So those students who belongs to CS background can easily learn it but at the same time its very difficult for some people who just chose it by seeing someone. So its not good for every one. If you put their interest in it then it becomes a butter for you.

Salary of developers

It’s a most favorite and most asking question by people that how much salary generally developers get or etc. So, According to stats report average web developer salary is 50,000$ to 83,000$ per year.

How to become a web developer in 2021?

Still in 2021, in Computer science market we can see that web developers requirements is still in its peak but by the revolution in languages we can say that its demand is high.

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