Best Laptops for freelancers in 2022

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Freelancing is a skill in which a person selling their services. Services can be

  • Writing Books
  • Make websites
  • Graphics design
  • Provide virtual assistant services
  • Products marketing

these are the few main freelancing services that are seller offers to buyers all over the world. How to start freelancing as a beginner?

Here we talk about the best laptops for freelancers and somehow its importance really matter like for graphics design we need a high-quality laptop in which contain HQ graphics card, high capability Ram, etc

Best laptops for freelancers


Lenove chromebook C300

Lenovo C300 is one of the best chrome-book under a $300 budget. It provides a 10-hour charge backup. It provides smooth functionality and gives an 11.6-inch high-quality display. Having 4GB Ram and 64GB SSD/HDD increases the speed of performing functionalities. Its one of the best low-range laptops for start freelancing. Read more about its specs.

HP 255 G4

The HP 255 G4 is a very reliable and best laptop for a business startup. The main thing behind its popularity is its price. Under 200$ there are no other laptops exist that provide the best performance like this. For freelancing backup or startup, HP 255 G4 is the best option to buy. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers.

Dell inspiration 15-5559

This Dell version is provided the best performance for office tasks. Its 16Gb of RAM is increasing its performance and all the office tasks can be done easily by using it. This laptop is the best recommendation for those freelancers who are Graphics designers. Its price range is between 500$ to 600

Lenovo B51-80

Lenovo B51-80 is providing high performance with its core i7 processor. It is the best option for photo editors or video editors. Having a 15.6 HD display screen and 16Gb Ram is increased its popularity in the market. The price range is between 300$ to 350$. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers.

Apple Macbook pro

It is one of the best recommendations for those freelancers who are App developers and Web developers. Its core i7 processor increases its performance. The main thing for recommendation is its battery timing, it provides up to 10 hours of charging backup. Its cost is 900$.

HP Envy

This version of HP laptops provides a big 17.6 inch LCD display. With a core i7 processor and GT650 M card, its performance and functionality are excellent. This version of HP laptops is best for Graphic designers and video editors. Its high-performance Graphics card is increased its popularity among photo editors and video editors. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers.

Dell XPS

Dell XPS is providing a high performance to manage office tasks. Its high capability 16Gb ram and 1 TB Hard increase its processing power. It’s one of the best options to buy a system to manage a business task. It is the best option for freelancers who are offering Graphics design services. Its price range is between 1000$ to 1200$.

Microsoft surface pro 4

The best lightweight high-performance laptop for freelancers to do work from home or outside from home. It can turn into Tablet mode. It is one of the best laptops to manage business tasks. Its price is 500$ that suitable.

What things you should have on your laptops?

If you are a graphics designer, photo editor, or a video editor then you need a high capability storage laptops. Moreover you need at least 8Gb ram in your laptops for smooth working. Another thing you should see is a graphics card because in graphics designing you need a high and best display.

if you are a web developer or a writer then you don’t need high-capacity storage. You just need to see a Ram in your laptops for performing smooth functionality.

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