Top 6 WordPress Advertising Plugins for Your Site

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WordPress Advertising Plugins a WordPress website and its content can generate income in a number of ways. Selling advertising space on your website is one of the most effective ways to begin increasing the amount of money you make from your website.

There are various actions you’ll need to take in order to set up your advertising content in order for it to be effective.  The most important thing to do is to optimize the advertising so that they work as well as possible.


Fortunately, if you have a WordPress-powered website and want to increase your revenue by displaying advertisements, this article is for you. There are a variety of plugins available that will take care of the complete ad management procedure for you. Here are the top 6 advertising plugins for WordPress:


AdSanity is a WordPress ad management plugin designed to make ad management simple for starters. The fact that it makes putting advertising as simple as creating a blog or an article serves as a further demonstration of the plugin’s ease of use.

Your WordPress website becomes an ad server without interfering with your content. It can effortlessly deliver ads from most ad networks or local ads to your site’s users. This plugin keeps track of all the advertising, from expiry dates to stats. It maintains track of views, clicks, impressions, and other vital statistics. It also generates reports based on your needs.


WP-Insert is another WordPress advertising plugin suited for Google AdSense. It was made by SmartLogix Technologies. It has over 30,000 active installs and a 4.5-star rating. WP-Insert has a lot to live up to being “the ultimate WordPress plugin”.

WP-Insert does more than merely place your advertising here and there, as the tagline states. It can also manage Google Analytics tracking codes (or any other third-party tracking codes), display legal notifications, and highlight code in your theme editor.

WP-Insert works with several ad networks. To put it simply, you can run many ad networks at the same time without violating any network’s agreements. Up to three networks’ ads can be shown simultaneously. The plugin comes with 20 ad widgets to choose from. Each widget has its own settings.

Moreover, you may include code for displaying ads right into your theme code (bloggers will still be able to manage the plugin from the dashboard). In-post ads can be displayed above, below, in the center, or on the left/right sides. Shortcodes are used to show banners.

The collection of rules that determine when, where, and how the advertisement is presented are also impressive. You may even geo-target advertisements: show US visitors AdSense ads and German visitors AdBrite ads, or whatever you wish. Overall, a fantastic plugin that provides multiple solutions.

Aparg SmartAd

This WordPress plugin adds a custom ad builder to your website, allowing you to design eye-catching advertisements in a matter of minutes by dragging and dropping elements into position. In addition, you can use the live previewer to see how your ad will appear on your website before it is published live.

There are also over 75 eye-catching animations, 25 overlay designs, and six ad styles. There’s also an advanced analytics dashboard where you can track your advertisements’ performance and see which ones get the most views and income.

Unfortunately, Aparg no longer supports this plugin. As a result, if you get stuck or discover a bug, you on your own will be responsible for resolving the issue. For an expert site developer, this may not be a concern, but for marketers and new WordPress users, it may cause issues in the future.


AdRotate is an effective WordPress ad management plugin for both beginners and experts. It supports both hosted and network advertisements. It lets you build ads and ad groups quickly and efficiently using shortcodes. Custom widgets allow you to add ads to sidebars.

It provides basic ad impression statistics, which is useful if you sell ads directly on your website. It’s a free plugin that works well for most small blogs and sites. Advanced capabilities like scheduling, geotargeting, Adblock disguise, mobile ads, media/asset management, and more require their pro version.

Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is a popular WordPress advertising plugin that shows a wide variety of advertisements, including hosted advertisements and third-party advertisements, like Google Adsense. In addition to managing your ads by selecting where to display them, this plugin also allows you to install custom widgets to display ads in the sidebar.

In addition to improving your Adsense, you can experiment with a variety of ad layouts and positions. The ability to customize ad placement is unquestionably an advantage. The straightforward setup interface necessitates no prior coding experience.

This plugin allows you to display up to ten advertisements on a single page. Overall, Quick Adsense is a versatile and useful plugin for managing ads in a simple and smooth manner.

Corner Ad

Corner ads are wonderful because they aren’t intrusive to your website, yet they still attract users. They don’t take up much space and can be utilized for more than just promotional advertising. For example, you could utilize a corner ad to inform visitors about a new blog post.

It’s simple to set up and works with most websites. The plugin allows you to adjust the colors of the corner ad to match your site’s theme. You can also use an image in your corner ad to draw the attention of your visitors.

This plugin’s strength may potentially be its weakness. This plugin is wonderful for making corner advertisements, but that’s about it. You’ll need to install another plugins to make banners or pop-ups.


As you can see, there are a number of excellent alternatives for making advertisement administration in WordPress more convenient. In fact, a large number of the plugins listed above are entirely free. The upgraded features like Google AMP support and geo-targeting can be applied to the already-included base functions.

No excuses left to start using these improved testing strategies, such as A/B testing and making sure ads are mobile-optimized.

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