How to start freelancing career in 2022: 8 ways to start freelancing.

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Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works as a self-employed for organizations, individuals, or companies. He does work independently and does not responsible to take orders from high authorities.

Table of Contents

    • Who is a freelancer?
  • What things do you need to start freelancing?
  • 10 steps to start a freelancing career
    • 1: Chose a niche
    • 2: Clear about your services
    • 3: Design your high quality portfolio
    • 4: Start freelancing before quite a job
    • 5:Level up your skill
    • 6: Build your creadibility
    • 7:Determine your pricing
    • 8:Extend your network
  • Which freelancing platform is best for beginners?

How to start freelancing?

You can start freelancing today if you have experience in any niche. If you don’t have experience in any niche. So the first step is needed to learn skills. You can learn about:

  • Graphics design
  • Freelance writing
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Writing books
  • Virtual assistant
  • Writer

What things do you need to start freelancing?

Before starting freelancing you must have these things:

  • Good internet connection.
  • Laptop or personel computer
  • Grip on any skill

Which laptop you should buy to start freelancing?

10 steps to start a freelancing career

1: Chose a niche

Niche is the main pillar which specifies the career of a freelancer. If you have no any experience in any field than you must learn intially skill after selecting niche because without experience in any field you can not start your career in a freelancing.

You can learn any kind of skill but before starting new skill must be sure that the field which you are going to start have a scope in future or not. Because scope is directly depend upon on career. If you learn any skill which does not have any scope than you can not get more success in your career. therefore it is one of the most important part in start career as a freelancer.

Nowadays the most popular skill in freelancing is Digital marketing and Virtual assistant services

how to start freelancing

2: Clear about your services

After learning skill you need to define yourself as a freelancer that what can you do and what you can not. It is another main part of freelancing career because most of the freelancers does not exactly define themselves that what they are offer and in which part of field they have a grip.

Like Digital marketing is a complete field and in this field there are a some other subfields like:

  • SEO(search engine optimization)
  • SEM( search engine management)
  • Social media marketing
    • facebook marketing
    • instagram marketing
    • pinterest marketing

I hope you’ll understand now after reading above example.

3: Design your high quality portfolio

Portfolio is the work which you show other person as an example or sample work. It is define your creativity that which type of work you had done.By seeing your portfolio your clients know about your creativity and decided that you are able to do their work or not. So it is very neccessary to design a beautiful and clear work. High quality portfolio increase the hiring chance for you in freelance marketing.

for example if I’m a graphic designer and i made a few sample about my work in which may be a vector art or sketching and you are a client, so you can select me for work after seeing my portfolio.

4: Start freelancing before quite a job

Before left your job you must make a good career in freelancing because it might be risky for you if you left your job and you do not have good career in freelancing. So first step is to make a good freelancing setup and monitor it that you are feeling better than in a company from financially view than you can make a decision of quite from job. You should monitor one to three months than make your final descion.

Moreover freelancing business is very dependent upon your goodluck.

5:Level up your skill

When you have a grip on a specific skill, you must make a future descions that this skill is helpful for you in future or not. According to a good freelancers you should learn multiple skills that are Higley demand in future.

6: Build your credibility

You can increase your credibility by using multiple ways. For this purpose you can use social medias like facebook, instagram and linkedin. Or you can write your personal ebook which defines your credibility. These ways can be used to bring more audience in your content. My personal opinion is that you should make a high quality your LinkedIn profile because it is the world largest social platform where thousand of professionals are active. You can find any kind of profession person on this platform.

7:Determine your pricing

The main and one of the most important part of freelancing is your earning because it is the reward which you get after completing your client work. You should set your price according to market and your experience. We can see that in a freelancing market an experience person will charge high than other who offers a same service while more clients prefer experience person even if he charge more than others so it is dependent on your experience and market rate.

8:Extend your network

To tell people about your skills you must increase your social connections because it is the biggest way to extend your freelancing business.

Which freelancing platform is best for beginners?

Today there are multiple freelancing platforms but question is this which freelancing platform is best for you. I will tell you about the most popular and best freelancing platforms.

  • Upwork

Upwork is the best freelancing platform where millions of people doing work. You can start freelancing career from here. To signup account please press this button.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another best freelancing platform where you can make your startup. It is the most growing freelancing platform which increase its importance from last few years specially in covid-19. Initially with zero level you can offer 7 different skills in your gigs.

  • Freelancer

Freelancer is the best platform which you can use as a startup. I personally work here. It provides a good seller environment.

  • Guru

Guru is one of the old and best freelancing platform that is offering a good services for their clients as well sellers than other freelancing platforms. I personally recommend this. It is the best platform to start freelancing.

  • 99 designs

It is specially for graphics designers. You can take your start freelancing from here if you are a graphics designer.

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