Top 10 Tech Blogs In India

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Blogging has long been an inspirational pastime, even before being hit by the technological wave of 2022. As time went on, blogging proved to be a useful tool for individuals to openly express their thoughts, speak their hearts, and even criticize something with which they strongly disagree.

This is the most major benefit of blogging: it allows people to express themselves without fear of repercussions. Blogging covers a wide range of topics, including beauty, health, technology, and more.

Currently, the technology business is thriving, as we all know that technology is present in every aspect of our lives, and it would be impossible to deny that fact. Technology blogs are places where certain IT gurus and techies exchange important knowledge about today’s technology. You might wish to read some of the most popular technology websites. Technology blogs and websites nowadays allow us to see what’s fresh in our world. It’s easy to get lost and behind with the constant advancements in technology. What we consider useful now may become obsolete tomorrow. That’s how bizarre the world of technology can be.

It is true that technological innovations are constantly surfacing, and each of them has a significant impact on the business. If you are someone who feels jitters to embrace high-tech discoveries, then it is more likely for you to beat the industry giants and dominate the tech market more efficiently. 

As a result, technology blogs assist us in staying informed about what is going on in the world. We get real-time updates on the latest devices, product advances, and other discoveries. A tech blog, for example, can help us understand that virtual PBX has many advantages to offer not just large corporations, but also individuals working from home and small business owners. We are more aware, informed, and cognizant of technical developments that may affect our day-to-day lives as readers are, without a doubt, kept up to date on the latest happenings in technology advancement.

As per the sources, it has been proven that 77% of users surf the internet, read blogs, and utilize them most of the time.

As you are well aware, a technology-based blog occupies a critical position. Similarly, any intelligent aficionado owes it to himself to stay current with the business as a whole by checking in regularly with the most reliable sites on the Internet. Here are the top ten technology blogs. May they be of assistance to you.

Digital Inspiration

The blog published by Logicpin has been popularly known as an aid to a complete range of marketing services worldwide. This blog has granted each one of us an analysis of technology trends and expert advice on topics ranging from the most fundamental aspects of technology to the many ways technology is helping us enjoy our world. Logicpin has been known as a platform that, for real, struggles to think outside of the box and tends to create a domino in their blogs via their creative team.

In their blog they hold the vision to be the first marketing and branding Agency, using unique Methods For Corporations, Foundations, and Individual or startup companies. The blog highly believes in creating integrated and engaging marketing + technological blogs answering the briefs and objectives based on insight, creativity, and a tad bit sprinkle of marketing disciplines ensuring media neutrality. 

Revenue Model of Ola and Uber 

The purpose of this blog is to compare and contrast the features and income models of Ola and Uber. Both organizations are able to meet the demands of cab-hailing services. The blog also gives a brief overview of the feature differences between the Ola and Uber cab apps, as well as how to get started in the taxi business. The site also benefited many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners who were interested in developing revenue-generating apps like OLA and Uber. Without a doubt, both ola and uber have come out as customizable solutions, presenting enormous chances for prospective business owners to launch their taxi dispatch software like ola and uber.

As a result, in order to maximize the possibility, one must first grasp the commercial income models of Ola and Uber. The rapid rise of uber and ola is forcing aspiring taxi entrepreneurs to assess the market in order to launch a viable business. The blog post is ideal for anyone interested in developing a business plan that will help you realize your ambition of starting a business.

 Saas Application Development Blog 

The blog helps business owners to transform their business operations with reliable end-to-end SaaS app development. The blog itself offers information regarding the various use cases of SaaS, aiding both the customers and the backend teams simultaneously. One can also find out the most comprehensive range of SaaS development services for each business needs. By the middle of the blog, one can also know about the future-ready SaaS-based applications to enhance the business and open the doors for new opportunities.

In the end, the blog focuses on building the most responsive and high-performing SaaS applications that help business owners to take their ventures to new heights with modern technologies and deliver the most satisfying user experience. 

A Guide On Tinder Clone Application 

The blog serves users on a different level. Tinder has been widely popular and is an ideal creation of a dating platform. The blog inspires investors to invest in a readymade Tinder clone and be the owner of an online dating business. The blog also helped get insight into what is necessary to build a fantastic dating application with jaw-dropping features and adequately planned + well-researched strategies.

You will also know what sort of approach is not adaptive and what amount of products, services, technology, and other resources is required. The main goal of the blog is to make the most of cutting-edge technologies and improve the dating industry. 

Letgo App Clone Blog

The blogs highlight and depict the potential of the Letgo clone app. It also helps to classify the business and so on. The blog also showcases the perspectives of the business model and describes the reinstating importance of online applications like Letgo, OLX, and Joysale. If you are looking forward to launching an online classified business, then the blog would be proven to be a perfect asset as it displays the reason why one should opt for the Letgo Clone.

Other than that, one can also take an idea of the revenue stream. The blog also shows the footsteps of other businesses when a paid version is implemented. Apart from that, one can also gain knowledge of the notable features of the Letgo clone app, such as the nearby products, view profile, in-app camera, and many more. 

Mobile App Development Blog

No matter what sort of business you are looking to begin, it does require a considerable amount of groundwork. There are indeed certain aspects one has to take care of to ensure success. This blog helps you stay up to date regarding the technologies in mobile app development deliver seamless user experiences across the native platforms. The blog itself aids you in enriching each business type.

Suppose you are a company with a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. In that case, the blog also aids you in building mobility solutions, market needs, building a reputed brand image, and accelerating business growth. The blog will cover everything from design, integration, delivery to maintenance, high quality, and the factors to build a completely secure application to gain the best user experience. Clear up your doubts with this blog and turn your startup into a success by learning and bringing in the most relevant methodology for your project and getting flawless performance. 

Online marketplaces Blog 

Online marketplaces are the perfect solution in today’s world, and the model promises the excellent delivery of the product/ service. By reading up the blog, you would be getting how it aids to engage the customers to delegate the daily chores in a much easier way, and one can do so in a much shorter period. Several reasons are being listed in the blog, explaining why people should invest more in online marketplaces.

The blog also offers a distinctive explanation of the hyperlocal marketplaces and the rising demand for SaaS-based on-demand solutions. One can also check out the specified support online marketplaces provided to the local business owners and government agencies. You will also get to know how the blog aided business owners by eliminating the role of mediators. Easily linking producers and consumers has been described quite smartly by bringing down artificial inflation to a greater extent. 

We have completed one of the top blogs; therefore, our team will give you some fantastic blog sites that post blogs per every niche. And also tends to keep posting according to the updated technological trends, by conducting complete research as per the breadth of information, frequency of updates and information, design, and entertainment value. There are 3 top blog sites listed; everyone might not agree on our choice, but again these mentions are honorable, and we will assure you that the competition was quite close. is the third most popular website on the internet, delivering information on the newest technological trends. It also produces useful information on the current and forthcoming gadgets, science, entertainment, business, and design, among other topics. After seeing this website, you will undoubtedly fall in love with because it publishes high-quality content. It is also one of the most widely read journals in the IT sector for good and up-to-date technological trends and news.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to stay up to date on technology, science, politics, social media, entertainment, and other topics.


TechCrunch is a leading source of news about technology and startups. This blog makes it simple to keep up with emerging digital businesses that have received funding or released new products or services that have the potential to transform the world in the near future. They cover a wide range of issues, including Microsoft and Amazon, as well as geek culture. Techcrunch also has podcasts that you can download for free and listen to keep up with the newest tech news.

TechPrate was created to offer technology tips and tricks so that people can better grasp how technology can be used in their daily lives.

In today’s digital environment, it’s critical to know how to use modern technologies in order to avoid the bad guys and stay safe. To help you live your digital life, we’ve grouped a lot of information into one place so you can discover what you’re searching for. Nonetheless, everyone should make an effort to use technology in a way that benefits others and makes them proud. To compete in this digital era, you must have a solid understanding of technology.

Wrapping Up!

It is pretty evident that looking toward every suggestion from each blog may sound a bit unrealistic, but make sure to pick out some that you found quite appealing. Make a habit of visiting them on a daily basis. We have already listed the top tech blogs as per the given technology acceleration rate; therefore, now it is your job to do the actual work. Gain the knowledge and work on your goals with a herculean force at the speed of an i7 CORE processor. One needs to buck up to take advantage of all sorts of perks while staying one hundred percent consistent with the conclusive trends.


We hope that these worth mentioning top blogs light up the content marketing strategy of your respective business. The topics will be everlasting with an intersection between a recent post and helping you tally down the exciting strategies to gain more audience. 

The information gathered by the blogs is not only aiding you but also avoids giving you a hard time about what current technology blogs are writing about and what exactly they are throwing down. We believe that every individual having a savvy enthusiast side should owe it to themselves to keep up with the pace of the industry by reading from the internet’s one of the most viable sources.

Write for us tech more tech article just drop your suggestion in contact us form and we will let you know which topics and article format for publication.

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