Top 6 Apps You Should Try To Improve Yourself At Karaoke

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Many people find it difficult and awkward going on stage to make a speech or to talk about a particular subject. You have been doing that over and over since you started to go to school. But, overcoming stage fright is something that some people find difficult. But how about singing on stage, impromptu? Perhaps this the task that every non-singing individual would find most challenging! 

How do you get rid of stage frights when singing on stage? The only way to get rid of them is to practice. It’s just like other new tasks assigned to you. Of course, you won’t get it at first, but the more you do it over and over, the better you get. Perhaps a good entree is for you to conquer your fears and sing in front of a small audience. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing bigger crowds. 

Now that you’re already used to the crowd, you have to give them a better show each time. Previously, people would be practicing along with an instructor, or follow an array of instructional DVDs. Nowadays, they use apps! They can do it in the comfort of their rooms or any other place they like! Below are the top apps you can use to improve your craft in singing at a Karaoke.

  • Smule

It is the most popular karaoke app these days. It allows you to sing along with your friends simultaneously anywhere in the world! You can do a solo performance or a duet with a friend, or with a random app user in real-time! You can even use effects and filters if you want to edit your karaoke tracks later. You can become an instant social media star if you upload your karaoke performance online! Another feature that’s distinctive of Smule is that it can keep track of your singing score. This way, it can help you become a better singer each time you beat your score until you become a “karaoke pro.” 

Smule also offers the biggest karaoke music database now. If you want access to all of Smule’s karaoke music, get the VIP plan for a dollar a month. It will also give you exclusive access to Smule’s VIP tracks. Check out for more of Smule’s top features! Smule is available on Apple App Stores and  Google Play Stores.

  • Yokee

It is another popular karaoke app that allows you to sing along with your friend or any random app user anywhere. Unlike Smule, Yokee’s karaoke music database is not as enormous. Yokee has the same features as the other karaoke apps. Features like effects, filters, and links to social media platforms are common to almost all karaoke apps. Yokee is also available on Apple App Stores and  Google Play Stores. 

  • Voloco

This karaoke app has a very special feature. It can process your voice and auto-tune it in real-time! It can also adjust the tone and add style to your voice, called vocoding. With vocoding, it allows the app to automatically shift the pitch according to the set sound of your voice! It is also available on Apple App Stores and  Google Play Stores.

  • Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke’s tagline goes: “the social network for singers.” Accordingly, Red Karaoke offers a better experience on the Android platform by showcasing your singing skills through a massive online community. It also has features common to all karaoke apps such as visual filters and effects, and also sound effects! Although a majority of Red Karaoke users use Android devices, it is also available in Apple App Stores.

  • Star Maker

Star Maker is a very popular karaoke app having 50 million subscribers in the Apple App Store alone. It gets updated regularly with popular and trending songs and also has a global community as well. It also has the common features of karaoke apps, but what made it very popular is its live streaming capability! You can organize a concert for people who follow you online and also view theirs! This app is also available in Google Play Stores.

  • SingPlay

SingPlay is a very special app that converts ordinary *.mp3 songs into Karaoke songs! Using the app, all you need to do is to select the song you want to sing from your list. It easily converts your chosen *.mp3 track, and you are now ready for singing. You can adjust the pitch and the tempo of the song if you need to. It can also download the lyrics of your chosen song online! Though, there is a downside in this app; not all *.mp3 songs are convertible into karaoke tracks. Another special feature of this app is that you can use it even if you are offline! It is also available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

These are awesome karaoke apps you can check out! You can choose from any of these to aid you in your practice. Who knows? You might be the next online singing sensation after using one of these apps!

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