Tik Tok Ban in India – Google Block TIK TOK App from Appstore in India

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Google Block TIK TOK App from Appstore in India


A shocking news from app store and a big loss  of tik tok user in india that tik tok is no more available in india via play store.

After the Madrass court appeal tik tok has been succesfully removed from play store india and no one can download it again from here untill the any changes in the application.

Why Tip Tok is Banned in India

Tik Tok is banned in India just cause of its user and very low quality privacy concern.People complaint about TIK TOK that its giving encourage to people being more socialy. People also confirm that its increase the nudity and pornography in pre mature childs. Parents define that their children pay there all time in the mobile application which is a negetive impact of the student lifes and become a huge concern about child future.

How Many TIK TOK User in India

It had been downloaded more than 240 million times in India,more than 30 Million user installed this application in India from last 12 months.

Tik Tok review by Parents

Indian parents said their child spend most of the time on tik tok after school and college they don’t spend time with the family only making videos on Tik Tok watching videos of other hot girls and getting distruct with the study aim and goal

Here is the Video Why Tik Tok Banned in India

On Basis of research its found that the main reason of block is the people and user who making nudity and pornography over TIK TOk

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