Gramblr Error 404 Gramblr not working

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Gramblr Error: No routes match path ‘/’ – 404 Not Found

Gramblr Error: No routes match path ‘/’ – 404 Not Found

If you are trying to launch the Gramblr app, your browser may display a message that it can’t connect. It does not matter if you restart your computer as the error will continue to display.

404 – Not Found

Not Found

Internal error information:

No routes match path ‘/’

There is likely an issue with the Gramblr service OR an issue with the Instagram servers. Check on website to see if there is issues accessing the website. You can also check on Twitter for the latest status of Instagram.

Blogger response on Gramblr error


it doesnt work at all. I use gramblr for work and its kinda annyoing for me. can anyone please recommending some application like this to me?

Megan Romeyn

So irritating. Gramblr is not working. Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?

What is Gramblr

Gramblr is free application which help to share image on instagram via PC. There are many application like gramblr but gramblr is totally free and easy to use so people are using gramblr from a long time but now this thing is happend and people getting show error of gramblr and want to know how to fix gramblr error.


How to Fix Gramblr Error

If you want to fix gramblr error its gonna be dificult for you cause this is not a coding proggram this is somethings like server side application. if you want to fix gramblr error into PC you have to wait for Instagram to get an update.

If you have not update your instagram kindly make update it so that gramblr can work properly in your system.

You can use alternative of Gramblr here are few alternative of gramblr

Gramblr Alternative similer software

  1. Bigbanggram

  2. Aigrow

  3. BlueStack

  4. Ramme

  5. Stimsocial

  6. Grum

  7. Uplet

  8. Desktop for Instagram

  9. Lynkgram

  10. Belacam

Gramblr issue Resolve

You can resolve gramblr issue by reconfirm your account in instagram by reset you password and verify you account details on Gramblr and instagram.

Use Instagram from PC

Here are some more tools free and paid which help you to upload photos and video on instagram without using your mobile phone

Rank Solutions Type Positive Votes Price
1 Deskgram Software 84% Free
2 Buffer Websites 80% Free
3 Onlypult Websites 73% Paid
4 Later Websites 68% Free
5 Instazood Websites 95% Paid
6 Instagram Apps 93% Free
7 Bigbangram Websites 93% Paid
8 AiGrow Websites 91% Paid
9 Windows Store Instagram App Software 91% Free
10 BlueStacks Software 90% Free

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