WhatsApp won’t work on these phones from February 2020

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Do you know WhatsApp won’t work on these phones from February 2020

Here is the reason you must check it out that if you are holding these devices what you gonna missed out from February 2020.

WhatsApp will withdraw  its support for a number of dated smartphones by early next year. The Facebook-owned company “Whatsapp“ has announced that the largest messaging platform will stop working on Windows Phones after the end of this year 2019. Moreover, the app will also become totally unusable on some older versions of Android and iOS from February 2020.

Whatsapp not gonna working anymore

WhatsApp has said that it would withdraw its support for all Windows-based phones after December 31. This means if you own a phone like Nokia Lumia or a similar handset, you may not be able to create a new account from January 2020.

Whatsapp unsupported in Window phone

The primary reason for stopping support for these devices is because WhatsApp will no longer actively develop for Windows Phone OS but you can use whats App for pc

WhatsApp will also stop working on devices which has running Android 2.3.7 and older as well as iOS 7 and older after February 1, 2020.

That means, if your device is running on an outdated operating system you won’t be able to use WhatsApp from early next year.

Hence, you should upgrade your device’s software or get a new handset that runs the latest OS.

No, WhatsApp will not immediately stop working but the app will not receive any further updates. Moreover, you may not be able to create a new account or re-verify an existing one.

Why Whatsapp update problem is Happen

Whatsapp regular update its feature and term condition to avail best experience to user and keep providing privacy concern to its user so its make changes to user policy in unsupported phones.

How to Solve Whatsapp Update Problem

If you want to avoid this problem the only solution download whatsapp in Your PC and laptop and connect verified it with your phone number.

You can update your phone software with latest software.

You can reboot your phone and then make it jailbroken so that you can update any other orating system.

Don’t get panic if your whatsapp not working

Many time due to whatsapp updation via the server side this issue may occer but don’t worry this won’t gonna hurt you by missing something whatsapp is totally secure and keep all things ready for you to provide best communication service over whatsapp mobile application.

Keep Regular update your whatsapp to prevent whatsapp error

Many time we are so busy in skip option this happend due to our busy schedule we are not able to wait for updating our whatsapp and keep skipping its again and again but as whatsapp term and condition if you use whatsapp with latest update its will give you best experience with its latest version so you should keep updating your whatsapp version over time to time.



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