Top Technical Content Writing Tips and Websites To Follow in 2020

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Writing content for technology sites

Technology has always been passionate and this has led to the birth of many sites and blogs dedicated to new products, from the world of mobile phones to that of video games, perhaps the most popular, to that of computers and related tools.

How do you write content for beginners?

On the net, job advertisements are often found to request columnists, to whom to entrust the writing of blog posts on the various technology products, without a precise and reasoned project on the drafting of contents, which should not be missing.

For blogs and sites like this, it is necessary to plan the contents after having made a good analysis of what has already been written and published on the web on those topics. In this article we try to reason on this point, to find ideas that can produce original content. know more about writing tricks for technology sites.

Why write content on sites about technology

The technology topic is very generic and there may be a niche not yet covered by any site. In the introduction, I mentioned the most frequent themes to find, because perhaps they are within everyone’s reach, such as cell phones and video games. Why keep writing about technology?

Writing texts on technology does not only concern fans of the subject, but also those who sell technological products. In both cases, and regardless of which and how many products you want to treat, writing original content becomes a delicate job, given the number of texts already produced.

How do you write content?

Interested companies will have to rely on copywriters able to write unique articles or provide a project that allows the company to emerge among the many results. Technology enthusiasts on the other hand, will write for pure pleasure, offering readers a personal and disinterested picture of the products on the market.

What to write on technology sites

A company that sells technological products has a limit: that defined by the products it sells. He will, therefore, have to plan the contents according to those products. A fan can instead choose to devote himself to a niche, which will allow him to emerge more easily by writing texts on a single topic/product.

What is technical content writing?

Report new products: these are classic contents, news that can be found elsewhere, but in a blog on technology such articles cannot be missing. The important thing is to give the post a personal image, which will make the content unique, original and interesting. The company certainly cannot avoid reporting the new products it places on the market and the enthusiast will find in these reports simple content to write.

Publish instructions and tutorials: each technology product lends itself to multiple uses, which are often unknown or difficult for most users. Writing articles both on basic use of the product and on specific uses of some functions (such as the GPS of some mobile phones or even how to pass a certain level in an electronic game) represent the required content, which will obtain a sure success.

Writing about accessories and related products: any technology product has several accessory products (scanners, software and external hard drives for a computer, charger, and earphones for a mobile phone, memory cards and flashes for cameras). The range of products is varied and allows you to write various articles on the subject.

Publish product reviews: this is also a classic content, but reviews always represent original texts, because they are personal. Furthermore, you can write generic reviews on the product itself, but also reviews on specific functions of the product or its accessories.

Making videos: the videos are always contained, which must be accompanied by introductory texts. A video attracts the reader’s curiosity. You can create video tutorials or simple demonstration videos on the latest product released.

Compare the various brands: write posts on the comparison of the same product of two or more brands, generally review a specific brand, talk about the choice of products of various brands. They are all contents that bring visits because they are  rich in keywords related to the site’s topic.

Produce technical data sheets: these are technical posts, which summarize the characteristics and functions of a technology product synthetically and schematically. They can be created both as simple information tables and with the addition of personal considerations of the blogger.

Writing about vintage technology: what was technology like in the 40s, 50s, and 60s? And before that? Articles that deal with technological products of the past or that perhaps compare those products with those of today are contents of sure interest.

Reporting technology fairs: events on new products to be reported in the blog, but also personal articles to be written after participating in these fairs represent good content to be published on the site.

Reviewing sites on technology: writing posts on the best sites in which to buy

technological products, on how the sites of the various brands present themselves, on competing sites even. These are texts that contain keywords and are always original. Plus they can attract new readers.

Social copywriting for technology sites

A topic like technology cannot fail to be present on the main social media, because it risks remaining in the shadows. In social media, technological products are highly appreciated, both because they are useful and because they represent a pastime in any case.

Content sharing: understood in both directions. Sharing your content through social media and inserting sharing buttons on the site and blog pages, to allow readers to spread that content.

Profiles on social media: create profiles and pages on the main social media where it is easier to get followed, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and write dedicated texts to increase fan retention.

Newsletter: for companies that sell technology products, thinking of a newsletter and an email marketing campaign means building a continuous and strong relationship with the public, therefore obtaining more customers.

How can I improve my technical writing skills?

·         Don’t Make It Personal

·         Be Clear and Concise

·         Focus on Tasks

·         Format Your Text

·         Use Visual Aids


What makes a good technical writer?

·         Technical knowledge

·         Technical Research

·         Technical Thinking

·         Technical Interest


Is technical writer a good career?

If you are belong to technical background if you are willing to research if you have enough time to surf internet then yes technical writer is good career option for you.


What’s the best tool for technical writing?

We’ll list the best in industry which known best software tools for technical writing, so you can start using the ones you need.

·         MediaWiki.

·         MadCap Flare.

·         Adobe Photoshop.

·         Acrolinx.

·         TermWeb.

·         Whatfix.

·         CamStudio.

·         Disqus


Is technical writing hard?

Nothing is hard while writing a writing is come with your research and interest in particular topics and category. Do your work with calm and regular technical writing content become easy and great for you.


Is technical writing boring?

None of writing is boring so far every time you got topics to write just keep your mind fresh and start writing take break and again start write proper time to write and proper time free up your mind will help you to make any content interesting.

Are technical writers in demand?

Every content development company who write content is only depend on content writing and you can see there lots of company who doing startup on basis on only content writing then you can get idea how much demand is in content writing for technical writers.

Does technical writing pay well?

Technical writing pay according to research on topics and content length you write as much as good quality content you can write the pay scale goes higher for every content you gonna write.

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