COVID-19 How Technology Used by Transporters to Reduce COVID-19 Impact

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The corona virus has stung all industries as restrictions were imposed during initial lock down. The intense disruption in the supply chain and transportation has happened over the early days of lockdown caused due to shuttering of the ware houses and closing transportation. Due to relaxation in restrictions posed earlier by the government, the vehicles are being moved so that essentials can be delivered punctually in an efficient manner.

Technology help to reduce COVID-19 Impact

An incessant improvement in the interstate traffic of trucks transporting medical supplies, essential commodities has helped   to bring a ray of hope in the life of people. It is essential for transporters to operate, maintain and sustain seamless movement of vehicles so that supply chain is not disturbed in the country. Everyone requires a steady and steadfast supply of all essential items especially food items, medical supplies, protective suits, masks, co-vid testing kits and emergency products promptly with minimum delays .The movement of trucks is crucial to clear the inevitable logistics logjam. This is important to ease the supply of daily staples and other essential supplies across the country

Innovative technology adopted by best transporters

  • Delivering perishable and non-perishable food stuff such as groceries and other essential commodities to the final destinations is a formidable challenge faced by transport companies in these extenuating circumstances of pandemic. 
  • As the lockdown was enforced, trucks running with supplies had to be stopped since the drivers were not getting food and thus, they moved to their home villages. The truckers’ body has now developed an app to help the drivers to return to trucks, which are stranded at varied locations across the country. 
  • Professional transporters throughout the country are now using the innovative e- platform to provide   assistance to the drivers. E-pass can be now generated by a registered and proficient transporter.
  • E-passes have been sent to the truck drivers working with reliable transport companies to handle the tough work operations in these dire circumstances through whatsapp  . 

Reliable transporters offer safe and secure transportation  to ensure

  •  Since  there is a significant and extraordinary surge in the demands for essentials from the consumer in this period of lockdown, Best transporters during lockdown in the country with a robust infrastructure and innovative technology are exerting maximum effort in transporting pharmaceuticals, essentials and important food supplies and raw materials.
  •  A strong interconnected transportation network is being offered by reliable transporters and is ultimately helping in bringing ease and convenience.
  •  A gradual improvement in interstate commerce is now visible as vehicles ply efficiently taking all the necessary precautions efficiently connecting and managing supply chains is only possible with an agile and technology enabled transport system. 
  • Their main priority is to make timely deliveries and ensure safety and security of vehicular transport system. 

Normalization of movement of trucks will also smoothen the supply chain and reduce the stress of delayed deliveries of essential commodities and products. In addition, it will help the in the collection of goods and service tax, which had dropped significantly after lockdown was imposed. 

Technology used by Various Industry

many other industry are running with the help of technology which help to less movement of people and execution the tast with maintaining the social distancing which help to reduce the spread of the CORONAVIRUS

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