7 Types of Mobile Applications That Can be Developed Using Python

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For over a decade, technology has improved a lot and it keeps on moving forward for even better days ahead. To avail of these technologies and their benefits, we need the applications and different programs that are created by programming languages. 

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In recent times, just like any other part of the world mobile app development services India has gone through some major changes and the market here has expanded a lot since the last few years. The mobile app has become a major part of our lives and made numerous service easily available and affordable through these apps. But while you are making or programming an application, the language in use has a huge part to play behind it. That is where Python comes to play.


 Python is one of the best programming languages that are available in the market that won the title of Top Programming Language of 2019. Python is an object-oriented, interpreted and high-level programming language that is favored by most of the developers. 


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Here in this article, we will be discussing the applications that can be built using Python.

Blockchain Applications

Though making blockchain applications are a tough task, but with Python, it gets way easier. Due to Python’s easy readability, the process of building this kind of application turns way easier with this programming language.

With the help of Python frameworks such as Flask, developers are enabled to use HTTP requests to interact with the blockchain over the internet and also can create endpoints for distinct functions of blockchain. At the same time, with the help of Python, developers are enabled to run the scripts on multiple machines to develop a decentralized network.

Console Applications

Console Applications are also known as Command-line Applications. This a computer program that is created to be utilized through the command line or a shell that does not contain any graphical user interface.

Due to Python’s Read-Eval-Point-Loop or REPL feature, this language is considered ideal for making this kind of s applications. This allows the developers for evaluating the language and also to identify new scopes. 


Audio And Video Applications

Python programming language is of great help to build musing and different types of audio and video application. As audio-visual content is abundant on the internet, Python can be easily used to analyze them. Python libraries such as OpenCV helps in the successful completion of this kind of application development.


When it comes to the audio-video application, YouTube is one of the most famous names and this application is also built using Python. 


Gaming Applications

Gaming applications such as Battlefield 2 is built with Python whereas, this language is used for the majority of features behind World of Tanks. 


With Python, developers can create rapid game prototypes and Pygame whereas, this language can be used to test them in real-time effectively.

At the same time, Python game development can be extremely beneficial for creating game designing tools that can assist in different tasks of the development process such as creating dialogue trees and level designing.


Business Applications

With Python’s practical sharpness this language is fairly capable of developing various kinds of applications. This is the reason Python is preferred also for E-commerce and ERP app development. 


Oddo is an all-in-one management software that is widely used for building business apps is also written in Python. Also, Tryton, a three-tier, and high-level business application are built with Python. Building business apps gets way easier with Python and hence, this happens to be one of the favorites of the developers.


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Machine Learning Application

While machine learning or ML is one of the most popular tech-trend of this current decade, Python makes it easier to build such applications with its libraries such as Pandas and Scikit. These libraries are available in the market for free that can be used under the GNU license. 

NPL is one of the branches of machine learning that enables a system to analyze, manipulate and understand human language for the algorithms to be able to work. 

System Administration Applications

System applications are extremely tiring given to the fact that they consist of numerous tasks for completing and with lots of data needs to be managed. Python, developers get to create system administration applications that make it easier to communicate with the operating system through the OS module. It allows the developers to connect with the OS on which Python is running at that moment. 

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