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People often use Off-page SEO techniques now days for effective link building purpose that could add a lot of quality  backlinks for ranking their main websites.

Some Off-page methods  which work but some sadly fail.

I hope you know that there are more than one hundreds of Off-page Optimization techniques exist? But many SEO experts use one of the best Off-page  strategy which works.

The methods the SEO Expert use are always safe and even loved by Google.

Do you want the latest best SEO tips and safe link building strategy from the SEO experts?

Then check these 10 best Off-page SEO techniques stolen from the SEO’s personal Dairy.

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Before discussing  about the Off-Page techniques lets know the real meaning of it.

We are  popular about latest On-page SEO it is the technique we do within our all website to optimize it fully for better SEO.

But in Off-page we do optimize our websites by using external many website links through link building.

For example: If Wikipedia website links to one of your website articles then some part of Wikipedia power will transfer through  to your article link getting that particular article ranked in top results in Google.

Like this, there are various link building methods carried to rank a website so called Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Off-Page SEO Techniques 2019-20 Video Explanation

I advice you to fully watch this video until you get understood first from Brain Dean to understand the full concept of Off-Page SEO quickly then continue reading my complete article.

Here are my best latest Off-Page SEO factors which i always do most for ranking medium and high competition Google keywords and almost best SEO’s use this same technique.

1. Guest Posting Service

Guest posting is the most popular link building method free and paid both where an article is written as a guest post by another website webmaster.

Where the author places his/her one of website article links with in article or blog inside the article in that way the link juice passes to guest post author’s website.

Some SEO experts claim that Guest Posting is against Google terms and conditions.

One minute silence for those, here is the proof of Google allows guest posting on its official blog.

Guest Post By Google

Take SEO Expert Neil Patel from he does more than high quality 100 guest posts each year from that he builds his brand and makes dollars from that.

Also, he brings visitors to his website and converts them to clients.

Example of Neil Patel’s Guest Post on

Neil patel Huffpost

So do reach other webmasters relevant to your relevant niche produce mind-blowing content publish it and link to your website.

2. Q/A link Building for SEO

People often search for this answers on the internet and other several webmasters use this opportunity for link building purpose.

Take Quora one of the popular question and answer website the No 1 question and answers discussing website. Most visitors type their questions and get the answer.

What can you do?

Visit Quora website signup or create an account. Then look for questions related to your niche.

If you know the answer to the question then write it and in the middle or end of the answer link your website article.

Do like what I did in the image below.

quora link building

It will boost your new website ranking and also visitors will click to visit to know more information.

Of course, Quora links are no follow (not linked in google )but still, it is high citation flow and trust flow.


3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking common way of linking backlink is a way people use for bookmarking or store their favorite web pages, articles, videos, etc.

Many Social Bookmarking websites links are nofollow and many of them are Dofollow which allow Google to follow them and rank their websites.

Social Bookmarking is an easy way to link building and can be done within minutes.

To social bookmark your article. Visit and Under your profile click Add Page and drop your website article link and save it.

StumbleUpon seo

4. Blog Comments

Blog Commenting is my favorite but not favorite according to google OFF-page SEO link building method by this method you can build powerful backlinks to rank your website.

See my blog commenting on Robbie Richards blog.

blog commenting

To do blog commenting search on Google for the websites which allow blog commenting.

Also, there are lots of dorks available to find blogs for commenting.

You can search in Google or in case if you want to use now

blog commenting dorks

In keyword, place use your niche search phrase.

For example: To comment on digital marketing websites.

Search as: inURL: Digital marketing “post a comment”

After hitting Enter it will show digital marketing blogs visit the blog and comment with your website URL.

5. Press Release for SEO

Press releases are one of the effective link building strategies cause its provide news kind of links which is Trusted links according to google and it still continues to boost search engine rankings.

Through press releases your website article will appear on Google news section from that you would obviously get a large amount of traffic to your website.

You can hire SEO experts or SEO Agency from SEO Company to do press releases for link building.

Press release costs little high but it is still a good investment for gaining dofollow backlinks to our website.

6. Forums Posting

Forum Posting is a great way for participating and discussing with other webmasters

In the forum you can ask various questions many one are dofollow and many one provide nofollow, write an answer for questions asked, join on various discussions.

Also, you can use forums posting site for doing Off-page SEO work.

To do link building via the forum site, join relevant forums and participate in discussions, answer questions.

Repeat this for 2 to 3 weeks after making your profile super active search for the question and reply the answers and place your link in it.

Check the link building by Blackhatworld forum member below

forum link building

If you place your link on the day 1 itself then forum admin identify your linking article for SEO purpose then they will ban your account immediately.

So do this Off-page SEO technique carefully.

7. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 like WordPress or Blogspot link building is the great tactics and Secret method for ranking websites.

By default, every web 2.0 websites such as WordPress, Blogger, Weebly has high page rank and Domain authority.

When we use these sites for link building it works great when done correctly and regularly.

The biggest advantage of using this Off-page SEO tactic is that you can have full control to handle the links.

By having full authority you can change links, modify anchor texts, add or even delete backlinks.

How to create web 2.0 links?

SELECT top five web 2.0 websites.

Create a website with anchor name in the domain name help to target your website.

For example, if you want to rank for SEOprofiler review,  create website name as or

Your blog should have as much as page you can have which necessary pages like Home, About, Contact us, etc.

Then write 300 – 500 words content short length which is relevant to your site with perfect ON-page SEO and link to your website with powerful anchor texts.

Since web 2.0’s take a long time to get indexed on Google, Use link wheel indexing services to index your Web 2.0 articles soon.

To make even more effective bookmark web 2.0 articles on social bookmarking sites and also share on social media sites.

8. Profile links

Good profile links can improve your website ranking.Yes profile like facebook,Quora,Tinder It will not only act as backlink of profile linking but it is most than a backlink that will increase your overall website branding.

Getting profile links from popular websites which is High DA Websites will act as a good consideration for Google to judge your website and rank on top search results.

So join the most popular social media websites with high DA and go to the settings and look for the website or Home Page box and add your website homepage URL.

profile link SEO

Look my Twitter Profile and see my website Homepage address.

9. Directory Submission

directory blog submission

Listing your website on directories is part of SEO to get powerful backlinks to your website.

In order to get quality backlinks, you need high PR directory websites which give dofollow backlinks.

Although directory submissions are easy most people find it difficult for listing their websites.

They list their website on unrelated category due to that the directory owners will delete the websites.

So always list your website in proper categories and add good title and description.

10. Resource Pages

It is another holy grail and best Off-page SEO strategy for effective link building.

By this method, you can get easy .gov and .edu backlinks to your website.

How to find resource pages?

To find resource pages Google as “Keyword” + inurl: links

resource pages SEO

Install Moz chrome extension to find sites PA and DA.

After finding the good resource pages with good PA and DA, reach the owner of the website and ask for linking your website on their resource pages.

Off page Activity 2019

These off page activity can help you to happy google for your website and rank your website with lots of good result and good traffic.

Off page activity are one of the best way to work with google and follow google algorithm of ranking

11. Private Blog Networks (PBN)

Believe me or not but Pbn’s (PBN Blog Network) are the another best way to rank your own websites in a short span of time. Many SEO’s says that they are black hat and it will penalize websites if Google finds it.

100% Yes I agree with it. Google is smart to find it but if you know how to build Pbn’s carefully without leaving any footprints which looks like a normal website then you are 100% safe.

Reasons for the penalty.

  • Using low-quality cheap links from Fiver (Never use it).
  • Building private blog networks without having knowledge.
  • Over optimized Exact match anchors.

Then what should I do?

  • Don’t use Pbn if you don’t know about it. Better go with guest posts.
  • Don’t build pbn by yourself. Go and hire experts who know it very well.
  • Always buy pbn links from trusted sellers. They are always too costly but trust me they are safe.

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Competitions are too much high day by day in the digital marketing field, in order to rise above your haters you need the best Off-Page SEO strategies.

SEO is going to another level already new update by google many of them doing various SEO techniques to beat competitors.

At the same time what we do for ranking is important and always we have to use white hat SEO otherwise, Google will obviously penalize our website completely.

Why because?

Google is always watching our movements if we do anything illegal we have to face the problems.

So when doing Off-page SEO work don’t do any black hat SEO techniques and strictly avoid it

Off Page Link Building Strategy

No Off Page Acivity Effective Positive Votes Price Price
1 Guest Post Service 80% 84% Free 5
2 Question Answer 75% 80% Free 1
3 Social Bookmarking 45% 73% Paid 0
4 Blog Commenting 60% 68% Free 2
5 Press Release 70% 95% Paid 10
6 Forum Posting 40% 93% Free 1
7 Web 2.0 30% 93% Paid 0.5
8 Profile link building 45% 91% Paid 0.2
9 Directory Submission 20% 91% Free 0.1
10 Article Submission 30% 90% Free 0.1

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