Major Technical SEO Point to Increase Google SEO Ranking in 2020 – A Must Read

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13 Key Tips To Increase Google SEO Ranking This 2020

SEO is necessary for making your website more progressive in time. It helps your page to attract more followers from your target audience online. As you seek to achieve the goal, here are some tips you may need to know.

These are helpful guides for you to reach a higher peak in the SEO ranking. Make your website much better through these easy ways.

13 Technical SEO Points

  • Check HTTPS status codes
  • Check XML sitemap status
  • Check site load time
  • Check Site 404
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Audit for keyword cannibalization
  • Audit duplicate pages
  • Check Rendering issue
  • Perform a Google site search
  • Check Broken Links
  • Check for duplicate metadata
  • Check Alt Tags
  • Test Jave Script
  • Make Your Page Mobile-Friendly

One way of making sure that your users have the best experience in surfing through your website is to have it be mobile-friendly. For technical SEO optimization, your website should be programmed even for mobile users and not only for those who are on desktop. It gives an inclusive effect for all your target audiences to have a higher level of convenience and accessibility while visiting your online platform. Aside from that, you have to remember the importance of speed as well. Your website should coincide with the current standards today so it won’t be left behind with the expectations of most online users.

  • Use Blockchains

If ever you have not heard about this, blockchains contribute to making your page have its data to stay as-is. It means it will be verified and could attract more viewers too. Also, it helps your website not to lose any information especially the most special ones. It also affects search engine optimization in such a right way. So, if you’re new to the concept, better hire an SEO expert to give you some more quick tips and guides.

  • Video Optimization

It’s not only images that you should focus on improving, but also videos that you have for your site. Optimize your videos as it will significantly help in SEO. Video contents must be relevant to your page. It should have a high level of quality to make sure that they are on a top-notch.

  • Utilize Other Search Engines

Aside from Google, you should also start to discover some other search engines for the page to gain much more following. Google is by far the most commonly used one, but there are other search engines existing as well. You can consider Amazon if you have products to sell. It depends on your page’s main goal or purposes too.

  • Have Your Social Media Platforms

Since social networking sites are predominantly famous today, better use for your page. It can be a way or strategy of marketing. Also, it’ll help in gaining attention from your target audience. The use of social media sites allows you to provide more accessibility to your website. There is an SEO freelancer who might help you with this one.

  • Knowledge Based For SEO

Knowledge based is key to robust your SEO on a page. It’ll help you as a guide or tool in creating much more relevant and in-depth content for your website. You may want to consider utilizing it for better optimization.Check how to right good SEO technical content.

  • Search Results As Personalized

Since one of the main goals is to gain more audience through having a more visible search results, make it personalized as well. As online users tend to search, make sure your page appears with the right content so it’s easier for them to see. Also, make sure that your information provided on the page are all bright and factual.

  • Fast-Paced Mobile-Indexed

As soon as you establish a mobile type for your page, you should make sure that it fast-paced as well. There may be some glitches that your online users might encounter, immediately resolve it. Also, you may put some few mobile features for more efficient user experience.

  • The Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It does not entirely have a robot for your website. But, it’s somehow about using technological help for your online platform. It helps you search engine optimization much better with artificial intelligence. One significant example which you can use is the RankBrain system. If you plan to have a more quick run-through of your information or data within the page, using it will be easier to handle.

  • Use Backlinks

They are vital in the optimization process of your page. These links are those that appear in content that may be used to correlate with your page. Thus, it is easier to access all your target audiences or users. It is also one of the considered factors in knowing the rank of your page. Consider using backlinks at all times to ensure that you’d have a continuous increase of online users for the purpose of establishing your website in the virtual world.

  • Structured Data

You may use structured data such as schema to mark up your HTML. On a more technical note, it helps your website to have more information when searched online. It affects the visibility and range of connection of your content, which allows your page to be more recognized online. It’s also one way of improving your site’s rank.

  • Voice Search For SEO

Voice recognition or search is one of the technological advancements done today for easier access to an online page. Use this feature to help your website grow further by making it into the current standards. Most online users expect to use voice search for a faster search of what they are looking for. If your page does not have one, it might adversely affect its SEO performance. So, maximize it for your SEO.

  • Keywords As Refined

Make sure that you have the most appropriate keywords used in a specific article or write-up. It might affect the coherence of your article. Or worse, it may not captivate the attention of your target audience. A well-thought set of keywords can contribute to the developing optimization of your page. Refine it and use the best. It also paves way for an increase Google organic ranking which is a plus.


Final Word

These are some of the essential tips which you can use for better SEO. Make sure you keep in mind all these details to achieve better performance for your website in the virtual world. Also, if you opt to look for any help, you may tap SEO experts. But, if you plan to do it yourself, learn a thing or two with the provide tips.

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