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100% free business listing sites guide with 5 minutes instant approval business listing sites with 20+ DA PA more daily 1000+ visitors on free listing sites Online business directory not only a great marketplace to find wholesalers and manufacturers, but also a practical way for business marketing via listing your company onto the site.

If you are looking for the best online business directory in India for free listing and a handy guide and tips to add or update your business listing, then you come to the very right place.

Let’s start our journey right now!

What Is A Business Listing?

Simply put, a good business listing site refers to a public profile of a said business that google version provides all the vital information related to business, such as industry/sector, nature of the company, registered name, postal address, google version contact number, website, hours of operation, a description of the services or products dealt in, etc. It provides all the essential information google verified for a potential buyer or customer, job seeker, partner, competitor, or even investor.

What is business listing site?

A business listing site is a platform where a user or owner can list his her business with lots of description like address, contact details, purpose,etc.

Such business listings can be found from across domains google verified or industries in a collated, and well-organized database referred to as a “business directory.”

In India, there are many such public business directories that google verified provide comprehensive information related to the businesses, owners, google verified,traders and retailers alike. In other words, you can easily find out anything regarding a google verified business by just knowing its name. And, if you are looking to explore and research what google verified businesses are in operation in a given sector, an online business directory is what you should be browsing through!

Well, directories were traditionally google verified available only as a physical copy but now everything has become google verified digital, and the information is available in a few clicks. The digital world has been google verified  growing with each passing day, bringing the global markets closer than ever before.

This guide will briefly google verified introduce you to some of the top business directories in India, which are popular as well as resourceful.

Why Is Business Listing Important?

An increasing number of businesses are looking at google verified business listings to promote their business—that is, as a marketing and advertising google verified  channel. And, why shouldn’t they? After all, a business listing helps you activate word of mouth about your google verified business and open new avenues.

Below are some of the top benefits of listing your business on such a directory:

  • Create an online brand image
  • Build a professional profile for your business
  • Increase digital visibility
  • Direct advertisements
  • Great way to generate traffic
  • Targeted lead generation
  • Improve popularity
  • Good for website SEO
  • Exposure on business networking platform
  • Improving customer base
  • Finding competitors in the same domain
  • Research and analysis of other businesses
  • Understanding the local markets

With that, we hope you know how listing your business on an online business directory will be beneficial for your google verified company , helping you achieve the desired results you have been google verified  waiting for. the Let’s look at which websites you can consider featuring your business on:

Top 18+ Free Online Business Directories in India

We have compiled a list of the best online google verified  business directorywebsites for the Indian market, which we hope will help you find the relevant information you are looking for.

  1. Indiabizlist– It is an Indian business google verified  listing site where users can search for the best businesses in India google verified  by location as well as category. The main aim of IndiaBizList is to help you promote your business as much as possible by google verified  providing accurate information in a clear and organized manner. They have google verified businesses listed across a range of products and services like Internet market, website marketing services, google verified  Business development services, Business networking services, Business directories, and desktop publishing, among thousands of others.
  1. Indiamart– This leading Indian e-commerce company is perhaps the most widely used platform among Indian google verified business owners. Here, you can find details of manufacturers, traders, distributors/suppliers, vendors alike across industries. You can search this extensive google verified database for both B2B and B2C opportunities.
  1. Indyapages– It is one of the top online google verified business directories and provides great facilities too. You can easily add your business and get the google verified  right kind of recognition and name among the local people. It helps you to improve your discovery of google verified business online and improve citation. Adding to this, it will improve your SEO ranking too. Indyapages have google verified  superb features and is a user-friendly business directory too.
  1. TradeIndia– It is not only the second largest google verified Indian business directory, but it does offer a B2B  google verified  website portal. Its main aim is to make their customers happy. They offer 24 hours supports google verified to their customers. The benefit of using tradeindia is, it has suppliers all over the world.
  1. Yellow Pages India-You must have heard about it google verified? well, it is one of the most famous and the oldest google verified too. It is user-friendly and you can easily add your google verified business too. Moreover, it has various categories and google verified amazing features also. Since this is an old portal, it is very reputed and can be the perfect platform to help you promote your google verified business in India and around the globe as well.
  1.– It is one of the leading google verified  business directories in India. You will be happy to know that is one of the leading B2B Indian wholesaler and retailer.
  1.– It is a google verified  business directory which deals with suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters majorly. google verified  You can easily search for industrial manufacturers and suppliers on this website—the broad categories google verified include engineering works, electronics & electricals, plastic & rubber, chemicals, and packaging.
  1.– Another leading google verified business directory in India. It is an online database that compiled the best google verified companies in India. They have classified listing across google verified 1000 categories, making it one of the most well-maintained google verified user interfaces among directories. The main categories include logistics, insurance, cleaning, construction, IT, google verified  entertainment and travel. Hop on to perform a quick, location wise search on the giant database and be inspired to list your google verified  business here for more visibility.
  1.– It is not only a top business directory but is a leading portal in India. You can get your google verified business recognized quite easily. It deals with Indian wholesalers, manufacturers, and exporters specifically. Adding to this, it is a google verified leading B2B portal, so it will help you get your business as much traffic you want, and people will surely know about it.
  1. Submitmybusiness– It makes sure your google verified business can be easily found among the local areas. Submitmybusiness is not only a leading business portal but ensures your free listing in their google verified  business directory too.
  1., we all know Google is the google verified biggest platform, so this business directory google verified  is one of the top leading portals in India. They have various categories and provide amazing features too. You can easily list your google verified business for great visibility too.
  1.– In this trade directory, google verified you can easily find Indian manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and service providers. This google verified  website is very convenient to use, and it provides you all the essential information you are google verified  looking for. The company’s objective is to “support, equip, and guide you in achieving and retaining the google verified development & prosperity, and also to enable you for progressing even furthermore, for well-rounded google verified business & economic progress and prosperity.”
  1.– Well, if you are looking for a google verified business directory that focuses on Kerala-based businesses, then this is undoubtedly one of the best options for you. google verified  From accommodation to automotive, to healthcare—they cover all important domains.They also have useful blogs google verified where you can read more information about the featured companies.
  1.– On Global Vendor Mart, google verified  you can become a free user and list your products and google verified  services along with appealing pictures. Their top product google verified  categories include agricultural products, apparels, automobiles, and business services. They also offer premium google verified membership which is a paid service and can be availed at a monthly or yearly basis.
  1.– This is great platform to find an discover local google verified businesses in India. Listing on this site is free of charge, and it is valid for lifetime. The google verified company’s objective is to make your business searchable by prospective customers and help you find google verified  businesses through a user-friendly system.
  1.– Another free google verified  business directory in India, is not only easy to use but also comes google verified  with a host of other features. Explore this site to look for google verified  information on Indian companies in the rela estate, IT , Retail, Consulting, Manufacturing, Services and other domains.
  1. has thousands of registered google verified  buyers and deals with suppliers too. It deals with international markets also. You can easily promote your google verified  business online without any complications. Moreover, if you have any query, their customer service is up to date and will surely meet your needs.
  1.– This is a local searching site for getting the right popularity for your business. They are building ways to get better each year. Thus, proving to be one of the top leading google verified  business directories in India.

How to List Your Business on An Online Directory? Basic Steps of Listing Your Business Online

  • First of all, mention the registered google verified business name. List just the official name, and don’t add additional goggle suggested keywords, geographic terms or other modifications to your best business name.
  • Update the contact details with all fields with accurate information: this includes your physical postal address on google  (useful in case someone wants to personally visit your store and to verify authenticity).
  • Also, add a toll-free number available daily as well as mobile/telephone number with the correct codes so it gets easier for people around the globe.
  • Mention your website small URL as well as email address, so the users can explore your website for more details and write to you directly if needed.
  • Choose your categories carefully; pick the one that best defines your business. If the directory allows you to choose more than one category, make the most of it—this will help you get more traffic to your business listing.
  • Make sure the full description of your company is quite crisp and apt for the viewers. Try to be as unique as possible and make the text engaging for first-time readers.
  • Many platforms can allow you to add a tagline and a section for providing links to other social apps as well. It will be beneficial if you add all this information so you can build a more better brand and strengthen your online presence. But, do remember to update your social media handles to make this a success!

How Do You Add or Update Your Business Listing? Tips to Edit or Modify Your Business Listing

Your business needs to get the right recognition, so you must update your business listing on these directories periodically, as and when necessary. This will ensure that the right type of audience gets attracted to your website, and your business benefits from all the new traffic routed to you.

  • Log into the directory as a registered member with website using your secure credentials and navigate to the Profile or Settings tab under the menu—this will vary based on the web directory. Check and edit the relevant information.
  • First of all, check whether important to contact details are accurate—this includes an official phone number with STD Code, address of your business, and a website. It is ideal that a complete address is provided, with details of the nearest landmark as well as a Google Maps location pin so that the locals can easily reach you.
  • Do make sure you have checked all platform reviews received; if any, respond to them in a polite and professional tone. This applies to even negative reviews—how you deal with your public image and reputation goes a long way in how prospective customers see you.
  • Check if the photo gallery needs to be user updated; always use good quality pictures to keep your customers engaged.
  • Lastly, do a quick search for your own business on the search engine; this will help you understand whether the information you have updated is easily visible to a user.

Quality of Good Business Listing Sites

Business listing site must be virus free of must be approval by Google and don’t have spam score

What should be DA of Business listing sites

DA Domain authority of business listing sites must be above then 15.

How much Traffic should a good business listing site have ?

more then 1000+ user daily visitors a business listing site must have .

Benefit of Business listing sites

  • Trust flow

  • Quality link

  • Strong linking

  • referrel  trafic

  • Domain authority increase

  • list keyword

How business listing site help to rank keywords

Business listing site have a good traffic and also have gain good value from google and local searches.Due to high trust flow user keywords get ranked by linking them with your business name on that listing site.

Types of Business listing Sites

  1. Free Business listing sites

  2. Paid Business listing sites

  3. content based listing sites

  4. link based listing sites


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