Fix Breadcrumbs markup issue on search console

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Invalid URL in field “id”

Today I got a mail from Google which gives me headache cause it was about my WordPress website error which I have not made any mistake after that google sends me a warning of breadcrumb issue.

Search Console has created a new report just for this rich result type. The new report enables you to identify, fix, and resubmit affected pages to Google so they can start appearing in Search Results with rich result features.

Breadcrumb issue in search console

My website is working properly each and every URL are working fine after that I got a mail from Google that you need to fix your breadcrumb in the website now i am looking to fix it and checking how to fix breadcrumb issue in webmaster.

Fix Breadcrumbs markup for http://www

you need to fix your website breadcrumb issue otherwise it will affect on your website SEO score and ranking. Breadcrumb help google to identify the path of any page and content so that its easy to crawl by Google bot.

How to fix breadcrumb issue

for fixing the breadcrumb issue you need to check your webmaster tool where all the URL are marked by google which has breadcrumb issue now you check all your pages and post one by one that all are fine not repeating of mixed up with each another category.

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