Fact Things to bring Traffic on website

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Easy Points to Drive Traffic on Your Website

Driving traffic on website is not a big task but its need smart task to make this complete. Now a days, Every website do some activity so the want to get top ranking on the search engines. If your motive is to get more new visitor to your website then you should read this blog and get some of essential tips & techniques about SEO.

Optimize Your Website for SEO:

Do you want to know how to experts optimize our website for SEO so you can rank your keywords in google and get more business via organic Search traffic engines have always playing major role to get huge traffic to your website for free but you need to keep optimizing your we site to be search engine friendly. I know you are still confusing about “how you can optimizing your website according to search engine? You must keep updated yourself with Search engine are continuously updating in their algorithm, below are few tips for search engine optimization.

First step: Analysis your website in each way like on page and off page SEO record of your website to check it out that how much more work you need to do on your website and make your website as effective as your competitive website.once your website get ahead than your competitor its become easy to you and your website to get rank in google.

Second step: Analysis your targeted list of keyword which are you currently using for your website and phase.Keywords are the only key which is play whole ranking and traffic game.

What are Keywords how to finalize them

Keywords are search term which every user hit on google search bar and get result. Whatever a user open google and want to search something he input some term combination of words which make keywords or search terms on basis those keywords google show relevant result.

How to finalize keywords

Just use the google keywords planner which give you all search result of google which people find on daily basis a large amount of keywords you will get from keywords planner a tool made by google for research keywords.

set keywords priority for your website on page content and off page content.

  • Keywords for ON Page

  • Keywords for OFF Page

  • Keywords for Content

  • Keywords for H1 Tag

  • Keywords for H2 Tag

  • Keywords for H3 Tag

Third step: Optimization of your website content with creating proper page title and meta tags.

Add Blog Page in Your Website:

Everyone knows that “Content is King in SEO”, That is why you need to regularly updating unique or fresh content in your website. I know it is not an easy task but if you are doing this then it has long term benefits. Those benefits are below

Good For SEO: If you are regularly updating fresh content in your website then search engine spiders crawled your website more often and boost your SEO process.

Help In Promotion: Through frequently post new content on your website its attract more and more audience by the social media towards your website.

Which are SEO Task? 

Here I am sharing you some of the SEO task which you can do to get huge traffic.

*Business Listing
*Article & Blog Submission
*Social Bookmarking
*Classifieds ads
*Profile Creation 

The key points for rank your website in Google are given Below

Quality Content

As we know content is king for rank any website to keep in mind about your category write a good quality research content for your website with your main keywords for which you want to rank your website.

Proper Page Optimize with include coding

Yes the technical SEO starts with your webpage once you create your webpage with the latest technology you can improve and get a plus point than you competitors to rank your website in Google so optimize your website with minimum code and AMP codes.

Quality Backlinks

This is the King of off page SEO activity without it’s ranking keywords is difficult to rank in Google but when you use this you can rank your website easily as compared to other off page seo activity.

Here are Few Free Guest post Sites for Rank your website in Google

Free Guest post Sites DA Charge Category
1 20 free General
2 90 free General
3 30 free General
4 14 free General
5 28 free General
6 24 free General
7 32 free General
8 16 free General
9 12 free Tech
10 15 free General
11 20 free Auto

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