Easiest way to Plan a good website design

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Quick Summary:- When you plan for something you win the task 50 Percent  essential for most businesses and organizations. Unfortunately, when it comes to websites there is often a failure to plan properly or at all. This guide aims to change that.

Who Can Own a Website 

Written in relatively technical and non technical language, this guide provides a broad curriculum overview of the process of developing a website, from the initial needs assessment through site launch, maintenance and follow up. It is appropriate for:

  • Small and medium-size businesses;

  • Institutions;

  • Organizations;

  • Shops

  • Web designers, developers, and design/development firms.

The website now exists as an important component for companies and individuals in the digital era as it is today. For this reason, creating a website cannot be the origin. There must be things that must be understood to present the best website design.

The existence of a good website would be an important thing considering the function of the website itself. Mainly for websites that have commercial purposes. Then what are the things to consider when creating a website? Regarding this matter will be summarized here in the explanation below.

Designing Websites: Our 8 Step Guide

  1. Define Your Site’s Purpose and Strategy

  2. Research the Latest Web Design Trends 

  3. Choose Your Platform

  4. Select a Template and Start Customizing

  5. Decide on Your Branding

  6. Add In and Optimize Your Content

  7. Publish Your Website

  8. Analyze and Improve

A list of assets you might need to think about

The point of this list is to inspire ideas. You might not need any of the things on it, or only a few of them. Some of them might come later. It’s up to you to decide what you’ll need now, and what you’ll need to prepare for when it’s time.

  • Logo

  • Brand colors

  • Brand fonts

  • Iconography

  • Photography

  • Illustrations

  • Podcasts

  • Customer testimonials

  • Customer reviews

  • eBooks / White papers

  • Videos

  • About content

Variety of Considerations in Determining Website Design

To make a good website design, it needs a variety of considerations before starting to make website design. These considerations can then be used as guidelines for presenting websites that suit your needs. What are the considerations needed? Here are some considerations that must first be understood before creating a website.

Target Market

Before creating a website the first thing to understand is related to the target market. The presence of this target market will affect the design of the website later. Because the website design must be adjusted to the ‘criteria’ of the target market.

For example, a website targeting young women, for example, would be different from a website design that targets adult men. This different target market will affect the appearance of the website later.

A website that is intended for adult men, for example, uses more dark colors that are neutral and more impressed masculine. Instead a website intended for young women may be using a lot of muted colors and a softer look.

The Purpose of Making a Website

In making a website template that will later be used for each page, of course the purpose of making the website must be considered first. The reason is every different goal must have a different design.

For example, a website intended for an online store, of course, the design is also different from the website used for the company profile. This must be understood at the beginning. So this will make it easier for the website designer when it will create a website following the purpose of making a website.

User Needs

Furthermore, in making good website design, understanding is needed to be related to the needs of users of the website later. This will also affect the design of the website.

A website that has a function for uploading scholarship submission files certainly has a different design from a website whose function is only as a medium of information without the need for uploading files. This is one of the important factors why there must be an adjustment of the design to the user’s needs.

Ease of Sustainable Development

Website developers should not only pay attention to the current state of the website when designing a website design. However, on the other hand he must also pay attention to how the projections are going forward.

It means that the website designed must be easily developed later. This is to anticipate if there are changes in features or changes in other needs related to the design.

The existence of complicated designs and difficult to change will only make it difficult for the developer or the website owner. Because if the website turns out to require periodic changes, this will only make the process even longer.

Elements in Website Design

I have already explained about what things should be considered before starting to design for a website. Now it’s time to discuss the important elements that must be understood in website design. These various elements will help to present the best website appearance. Here are some elements that must be understood.


The first element in a design for a website is the layout. In this layout website, designers should consider the locations of design elements that will make it easier for readers.

Not only the origin put elements. This layout also must pay attention to the problem of balance and hierarchy of the overall layout. Also make sure the layout that has been designed will make it easier for website users to digest the flow of information that is present on the website.

It is better to make a layout start by making a layout with a flow of information that is easily accepted by the eyes of the reader. Also, arrange elements by considering priority scale issues. Finally, make sure everything that has been prepared has been balanced and per needs.

Free Space (White Space)

Apparently in a website the presence of white space is also quite important. The existence of white space can help the human eye to organize data. The presence of white space is considered as a separating element from one data with other data or in this case one element from another element.

The space that is present can be a good respite for the reader’s eyes. This can make available information better planned later. Besides he also provides a focus on the elements that are being highlighted on the website.

Website Color

The next thing to note is the color problem. Make sure the colors that are present from the website match one another. Do not let the background colors that drown the colors of the existing content on the website.

In addition to paying attention to the compatibility between elements of the website, it should also consider the impact that will be presented to the reader due to the color selection. Color selection can also be a reflection of the identity of the website owner, especially for commercial-themed websites.

Let’s say product A has a black and red logo. You should also present a website with colors that are generally in line with the logo. This is to make it easier for users to recognize the website as the property of product A.


Font selection turns out to have an important role in a website. This is a website element that must be chosen well. Besides affecting the appearance, the font also reflects the character of the website itself. There are fonts that reflect firm, casual to non-formal styles.

Then how do you choose the right font? To present the right font, first make sure the impression you want to be presented from the website. Next, understand the overall website design conditions. From there choose the fonts that are deemed appropriate and by the design and impression you want to present. Finally, choose the most suitable and appropriate.


Another element in the website that must be understood is images. If you create a website that includes images, make sure that the images that are displayed are of the highest quality.

The purpose of this best quality includes many things. For example, the problem of image sharpness, choose clear and sharp images with good resolution. For images that have a license, make sure to purchase the image license first before using it. Also make sure if the image is placed under the content being discussed.

Three important things to remember while design a website:

  1. Unless everything is okay you’re building a tool exclusively for internal communication tasks, your website is not for you—it must meet the needs of its audience.
  2. A website is always not a one-time event. It is a flexible, extensible version communications tool which reflects, negatively or positively, on your business type. For many businesses, it is the key touch point between the business and their customers.
  3. This is where we can potentially make a start using business-speak, i.e., “assemble your key role internal stakeholders.” That’s another way of saying “get everyone together who has something valuable to contribute.”

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