Why working from home makes you more productive?

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Remote working is a viable prospect for many businesses or departments. When you have valid reasons for working from home, managing your work-life balance becomes much simpler. What about using it as a general rule? Is there a reason not to when employees significantly rely on computers, as they do in many Agile software development teams throughout the globe? And can remote work genuinely boost productivity?

Well, that is where trust and excellent technology come in, but if you take the step and choose to work from home, even just part-time, both the employee and the business stand to gain. Here are 10 reasons why working from home will increase productivity:

Employees Working Remotely Can Reinvest Their Commuting Time

If we are not working from home, we must commute to an office, which eats up much of our available time. Additionally, research indicates that commute times are increasing. According to US data from 2018, the average commuter now spends 20 more minutes per week traveling than they did ten years ago. All, there are more than nine days a year when we might be improving things. 

To boost their productivity, many employees would choose to reinvest that time and work remotely. However, some people actually enjoy their commute because it gives them the opportunity to read the news, respond to emails, listen to an audiobook while driving, or simply to take a brief break from the demands of their family, something that is challenging when your place of employment is your home.

Distractions Go Down, Focus and Productivity Go up When Working Remotely from Home

Because it is simpler to focus when working from home, productivity is also increased. You have to welcome everyone at work, inquire about their weekend, discuss last night’s football results, and so on. The list is infinite, and all of these little two-minute conversations add up to a lot of wasted time. 

Additionally, there is the “context switching” issue, which software development teams are very adept at dealing with. When you are working on a difficult piece of code and someone walks up to your desk and asks for assistance, you have to stop what you’re doing and shift context twice before you can resume being productive.

Remote Workers More Productive When It Comes to Meetings

Another great distraction is meetings.  When a meeting starts as you are making good progress on something, you have to stop and lose that spurt of productivity. It is crucial to keep in mind that they still exist even if you work from home remotely. However, how you conduct those meetings will determine how effective you may be while working from home. 

To manage their daily 15-minute standup meetings, an Agile software development team utilizing scrum may incorporate Geekbot on top of their usual Slack setup. It transforms something that many developers consider a waste of time into something that is actually useful.

Working from Home Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the key reasons individuals choose for or seek to work from home. You may need to pick up your children from school, be on time for a nearby evening class, or just want to make the most of your time with the family due to personal obligations. 

Furthermore, it is impossible to understate how well this performs in terms of employee happiness. A firm that helps you balance work and personal obligations is one that considers you as a human being rather than just a machine that cranks out work. 

Introverts Are More Productive While Working From Home

The open-plan workplace setting where you must get up in front of 100 people for a presentation might be quite stressful for certain people. There are also the after-work cocktails that you feel compelled to attend. 

The reality is that working from home appeals to introverts mostly because doing so makes you feel more at home. While working from home for a few days each week will help them feel more at ease, it does not mean they are total recluses or can’t function in a group.

Working from Home Means a Healthier, More Comfortable Life

There are several benefits to working from home in terms of comfort and health. Here is a brief summary:

  • You may go for a run, join a new sports team, or just do yoga next to your desk with all the time you save by not having to commute. The only person who will be curious is your cat.
  • Since you are not catching anyone else’s viruses, you are less likely to get sick.
  • You can dress whichever you like. And spend less money on makeup and clothing that are always changing.
  • The temperature may be adjusted to your liking by adjusting the dial.
  • Your lunch selections expand beyond those offered by the workplace canteen
  • You get to pick the coffee you want.

Cost Saving: Benefits of Working from Home for Employers

Who then remains at the workplace if everyone is at home? You will save a tonne of money if you can reduce or maybe get rid of the office entirely. Not just in terms of the building’s rent, but also in terms of ongoing expenses like power, pricey standing workstations, and the weekly fruit basket.

There Are Great Remote Workers All Over the World

Your hiring staff will appreciate your policy on working from home. There are countless opportunities made possible by it. 

Having trouble locating a developer in your area who can code that exact particular language?

To boost your chances of locating the ideal remote employee for the project, start casting your net far broader than just a 50 kilometer radius.

Temporary Staff Tend to Work Remotely

You require some specialized knowledge for a brief project. So, you are presumably looking for a freelancer or contractor. Additionally, freelancers are more likely to be remote employees who take on brief assignments from a variety of clients across the world.

Well, Why Not? Remote Working Works a Whole Lot Better Than It Used to

People may now work from home and remote jobs more easily than ever before. There are a number of technologies, tools, strategies, and suggestions available that not only make working from home feasible but also aid us in learning how to be productive while doing so. 

One of those solutions, Geekbot, allows remote employees to be collaborative while minimizing meetings and other distractions. This increases productivity by allowing them to participate just when it is convenient for them.

Jyoti Garg is the founder and CEO of SEOshala Limited, a digital marketing company. She holds expertise in diverse fields. His 3+ year spree in this field has earned her clients and their faith in his tactics. A systematic approach, transparent processes, and friendly mentoring have allowed her to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.

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