Resigning From your Existing Job? Follow These 5 Tips to Look Professional

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Moving on to new jobs is a normal part of our careers, regardless of whether you’ve landed your next ideal job or are just ready to leave your present one.

Unprofessional resignation tarnishes the years of dedication made to the business. As a result, it’s critical to try to leave a workplace with a strong last impression.

Gaining great recommendations from your former coworkers is easier if you learn how to quit professionally. If you gracefully departed your previous career, your former coworkers may be more inclined to assist you professionally in the future. 

Here are some tips, along with a resignation letter example to make your resignation look professional and sincere.

What should you do before quitting your job?

Do the following two items first, then submit your letter of resignation:

Read your employment agreement. Review the rules of departing if you have a formal work contract. A condition in some contracts may prevent employees from leaving before the conclusion of the contract period established during recruiting, even though most contracts let employees depart after serving a notice period.

Consult with your employer. It is a good idea to speak with your direct boss before deciding to quit your job. The manager can make you a better offer than your new employment or perhaps assist you in overcoming your reasons for leaving.

Tips to Resign From a Job Professionally

  1. If you work remotely, be polite and interact with your manager in person or over a video call. Breaking the news in a respectful conversation with your manager is the right action to take. The unexpected email resignation letter is unprofessional and lacks an appropriate tone. 

Resigning will always be awkward, especially if you have developed a close bond with your manager. Get the nerve to break the news right away. They will value you are showing them respect.

2. Save some non-proprietary examples of your work and papers that will be useful in future positions to your personal laptop or personal email. Make sure your laptop is loaded with all of your personal information. 

Additionally, make sure you have the contact details of the coworkers you wish to keep in touch with. Be sure to obtain this information before submitting your resignation since some companies will take you to your workplace to box up personal belongings and will turn off your internet access when you let them know you’re leaving.

3. Draft a resignation letter. After speaking with your manager, simply document the conversation. Send a resignation letter through email to your immediate boss, including HR. The HR division could begin your offboarding procedure when you communicate the news early. A sample resignation letter is provided below: 

[First name of your manager],

Please accept this as formal resignation notice from [your job title] at [business name]. In two weeks, on [your last day of work], I will have my last day of resignation period. I sincerely appreciate your assistance throughout my stay here and the valuable experiences I have acquired. 

I will be more than happy to assist with any responsibilities to make the transition easier for everybody.

Yours thankfully,

(Your name)

4. Give at least 2 weeks’ notice. It’s best practice to offer at least two weeks’ notice unless your employer has an unusual leaving policy. A three-week notice period is more acceptable if you are in a senior position, such as a manager or above. 

Your departure came as a surprise, which is difficult enough. While you are still available to them, give your business the chance to digest the news and begin the transition process. Here is an example of a two weeks notice letter you could write


[Supervisor’s Name] 

[Company Name] 

[Company Address] 

Dear Supervisor Name,

If you were to accept a job offer from another company, you might use the following sample letter to provide two weeks’ notice:

This letter is to give you two weeks’ notice of my formal resignation from Oxa Health. My last day working at Oxa Health as a sales associate will be [two weeks from today’s date].

It has been a privilege to work with Oxa Health. I value the time and effort the organization has put into helping me advance my knowledge and abilities as a sales associate.

I’m committed to delivering the same excellent work to Oxa Health until my final day on the job. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you during this change.


{Your Name}

5. Be a team player in transitioning your tasks. You cannot quit just because you have submitted your resignation. As long as you’re still getting paid, work well with others and make your transition successful. 

Walk them through your processes, share files and documentation, and give your time to anyone who needs training on what you spent 40 hours a week doing. Avoid abandoning unfinished projects in the air without a new owner by completing your task. Wouldn’t you want your endeavors to be successful? ‍

6. End with a formal goodbye. If your workplace permits farewells, inform your coworkers of your leave and, if you feel comfortable doing so, try to remain in touch. Working for organizations where employees seem to vanish without a trace is frightening. 

Because they are essential to us, our coworkers deserve a dignified farewell. Where you believe it is due, express your thanks. Appreciate their patience and assistance during your term.


Last bit of advice: take as much time between jobs as you can. Even if you despise your employer or have a better offer with a six-figure income waiting for you, leaving a job is rarely an easy procedure. You want to maintain your professional ties since it can get emotional.

A job ending is similar to the end of a professional chapter. It is exhausting emotionally as eager as you may be to begin your new career, give yourself a few days or perhaps a few weeks to relax, recover, and re-energize. 

Put your former work behind you and relax. A new job is thrilling to start. Bring in a new perspective. Doing so will allow you to transition peacefully and give your best to your new job.

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