How to Find Guest Blogging Sites on Google

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Guest Blogging Sites

You have heard about so many off-page SEO techniques and the guest posting is the easiest way to get a backlink from a website. This technique can be used by professional bloggers and some new bloggers who have started their website before some months.

The main question is how you can find the best guest posting opportunities in your industry so you can get some backlinks from them and give them your quality contact.

Let’s dive right in.

Determining your guest blogging goals

Before we go on finding the opportunities there are some goals which you should keep in mind before pitching your content to the guest blogging sites. There are four main goals of guest blogging.

  1. Writing on the guesting posting sites as an authority and well-known name.
  2. Writing for earning some money from the guest posts (some sites offer incentives to its guest bloggers).
  3. Building backlink for authority gain in your website.
  4. Getting traffic back to your website.

For each kind of goal, there may be a different website available. As some sites don’t offer backlinks but they offer an incentive to their bloggers. In some cases, some sites askes money for writing a guest post on their website.

But if you want to know which would be the best website for you to start or do the next guest posting. Then it would a site that has some authority and they allow you to write on their blog and get a backlink in return with some opportunity of getting traffic from that backlink.

There are so many tools available for checking the authority of a website online. So of the best tools are MOZ and Ahrefs.

How to find the guest posting opportunities

The main thing you should keep in mind before finding the right guest post opportunity it. Then Niche of the website where you are going to pick your content should be relevant to your wish or industry.

So to find just go to Google and search Replace with the domain URL of that site. Now you need to check that if the page indexed by google on that site is relevant to your blogging niche or industry.

The following are steps to find guest posting opportunities

Step #1 Find the domain that accepts guest posting

In the first step to finding a domain that it offers bloggers to write a guest posting. The following methods are to used to get a domain to content for guest posting.

1. Google search

Google search makes the work too easy as compared to other methods. As the results shown in the google are from the site that has already have decent authority.

But keep in mind that each result showed in the google search it not from a great site. As if you want to search Are low competitive keyword then the results would be from low authority sites.

However, if you are keyword is a competitive keyword then you will get an amazing result from Google that shows you high authority sites accepting this guest post.

Following keyword searches will help you find some decent guest posts. Just replace the keyword with a keyword related to your niche.

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

With these keywords, you can easily able to find some guest post opportunities available on Google search. But what to do if you want some more opportunities.

2. Competitor backlinks

In this technique, you have to use a tool called Ubersuggest or if you can pay use Ahrefs. These are the tools that are best for exploring backlinks from your competitor domain.

If you have to just enter the  URL of the competitor domain in these tools and explore the backlink opportunities and filter them for guest posts.

If you want to increase your backlink opportunities from this technique you have to spend a lot of time by check each link from these tools.

3. From social media

In this technique, you have to first find a person who writes a guest post related to your industry or niche.

You have to follow their blog and track from where they were getting new backlink opportunities this will help you to get more guest posting opportunities.

The Other method you can use in this technique that you can copy the URL of their profile photo that they use while posting the guest post.

Then search that image in Google so you will get an additional result available in Google search that shows  it will show you that where their image is used as the author  image for the guest posting

The main drawback of this method takes a lot of time for finding a guest post opportunity. But in this method, there will be no fewer chances that your content would be declined for being published.

Step #2 Find their email address

After finding a good domain related to your industry or niche you have to contact them to let them know you are interested in writing a guest post on their domain.

For that, you can use some Chrome extensions for finding their email address. Hunter is the best to email finder online software available that helps you find an email address with the first name, last name of the author, and domain URL.

But in some cases, you can find their email address by pressing CTRL + F And then typing in the search column “@”. This will highlight the email address if it is available on that page.

You can also find the email address by going to the contact us page of that domain. In some of the cases, you will get a contact form for contacting them.

Step #3 Contacting them to pitch your content

If you want to get the best response from them after contacting them. You have to include a  great article published by you on your website. 

If you don’t have any website then you can write an article on the topic you like in a word file and send them it as an example of the article you can write.

If you’re worried about the and email template you can search on Google or you can use and given below.

Hello, [Name]

I’ve been a reader of [Blog Name] for some time now – and I enjoy reading your blog regularly.

I’ve been researching an idea for a blog-post about [Blog Post Title] – and then I thought that this could be a great contribution to your audience.

I’ve also published some successful guest posts on some big blogs like [Blog Name 1], [Blog Name 2], and [Blog Name 3] – which already linked them below:




Hope you liked my Guest posts, Let me know if you are interested.

looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards,

[Your Name]

Which sites are best for backlinks

If you want to increase the domain authority of your website you have to build more quality backlinks. For this process, you have to reach out to some good guest posting blogs for or you have to use some another way of getting back looks.

But if you are using guest posting then keep in mind that if you are going to which your content to a website which has domain authority around 10-30. 

These websites are slightly smaller but they have some unique visitors and some authority. That will help you slightly increase your domain authority because they will accept only good content from you.

And there may be some cases that you will find domain authority of 30+ but in most of the cases, they would charge some money for writing a guest post.  there may be some chances that they don’t want you to write on their blogs as they want only a professional blogger to write as a guest post on their site. 

For good and related sites for guest posting on the technology niche.  

Which site would be best to be featuring

In this case, you are not going to get backing and return so your main goal is to get featured in a blog. For this kind, you have to show your work or proof so that they can qualify you as a professional blogger rather than a new blogger.

What would be the benefit to the benefits should be increasing your value in the market if you want to be a content writer in a high salary paying company. 


Finding the best guest posting opportunity is not easy work you have to spend some time in finding it. If you want that you don’t have that much time so you can outsource this work to a freelancer that can do it better for you.

In Google searches you will get a result of hundred websites so you can which your first email to everyone available on that search to increase your opportunities for guest posting.

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