BEWARE:- If you are using something@123 password

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Best Password Manager It starts with password security. Get Started! Protect your business in minutes. encrypt passwords, and more. Secure Password Storage. With recent cybercriminals constantly looking for new ways to rip you off, you if you are technology gadget user have to take security seriously. Since passwords (easy to guess) are your first line of defense against cybercrime, it’s the first place to begin strengthening security.

Why you should change your password regularly

Your computer keep and stores and provides access to a lot of sensitive and important data. Keeping this data and all of your accounts safe is a priority.

According to Dailynews, 80% of all cyber security attacks involve a weak or stolen password. Keep changing your password regularly help reduces your risk of exposure and avoids a number of dangers.

Unfortunately, many people around the globe are still using weak passwords that take hackers a matter of seconds to crack daily basis. You wouldn’t believe more than 20 Billion approximate user who are still using things like password123. Why do people use these easy guess password.

How do you come up with a strongly enough password while still being able to remember it? The good news is that recently scientists have come up with a far better manage system to help you protect your identity. And not having to again click on the forgot password button every two months.

Passwords shouldn’t be difficult

Researchers from academy of Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab Security and Privacy Institute found that the sweet spot is (lazy people) memorable passwords that consist of 12 characters long. How do they know this? Because they have spent about a decade researching this very problem.

Way back in year 2016, a team of researchers noticed that modern traditional password and security policies using for many websites are wrong. While they require and force users to create multi-character, symbol, and number passwords, it didn’t always mean it was more secure.

Another problem is the using more complex a password is, the easier it is for the user to forgetting again and again. And this is the problem that the team set out to solve.

By creating a new password-strength meter powered by an artificial neural network, you can test your own skills of gesture at creating a strong password. The tools can provides you with a strength score and suggests stronger phrases when needed.

After they discovered what constitutes a string of strong password, the team put it to the test. In an online study, the team asked audience to be participants to create random passwords against various security policies.

Easily remembered

As expected, the possibility of passwords that conformed to the team’s password strength meter outclassed the other policies. Not only did the passwords pass this test, but users could recall the passphrase up to five days later.

“The policy they developed for user and allows users to create passwords that are both easier to remember and easy secure against online sophisticated attackers so always use Best Password Manager to get strong password,” said Lorrie Cranor, director of CyLab and a senior professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR).

The researchers are now hoping that other modern websites will make use of their technology. The password-strength told by meter is only a few kilobytes in size, making it ideal for coding into services and apps.

Best Password Manager that you can be assured that the team’s of expert hard work has taken all factors into account. To arrive at the perfect 12-character password, they tested their online system against several minimum-length requirements, character-class requirements, minimum-strength requirements and password blocklists.

If you struggle to remember a password, you should never write it down. The best solution would be to use a password manager like LastPass or our sponsor, Roboform.

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