7 Best Free and Paid Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers

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Content creation of any sort requires you to be original. Whether you write a thesis or a 300-word article for your blog, you need to ensure its authenticity. 

However, going through lines of content on Google to find any matching results can take hours.

That’s when online duplicate content checkers step in to help you out. More than 1.5 billion pages or 30% of all websites on the internet have duplicate content in some form. This stat tells you how much you need to avoid plagiarism in the respected 70%. 

Since 58% of marketers are firm believers of original content, you should focus on your content’s integrity to avoid discrepancies with Google’s search crawlers. So, let us dive in and see how you can save your content from plagiarism. 

Why Do You Need Plagiarism Checkers? 

All these utilities provide one benefit after another, besides checking plagiarism. However, why is it so important for marketers to avoid delicacy? 

Considering paraphrasing and spun content are standard practices in the online world, do you need to ensure the originality of your content?

Yes, you do and here is why it’s crucial to use plagiarism checkers: 

  • Content Integrity

Your content is your best friend in the online world. It helps you generate brand awareness, draw an audience and connect with your target customers simultaneously. 

  • Better SEO Results

If your content is more than 10% plagiarized, Google will rank it lower. If your content is lucky enough to make it on the first page, it won’t be as prominent as other search results.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure originalplagiarism-free content. Why? Because search engine crawlers are always looking for new, authentic, and integral information within content pieces.

  • Improve Content Score

Your content has a score, believe it or not. You can check it on Surfer SEO or any other SEO audit platform. For higher results, you need plagiarism-free content. 

  • Content Rating 

While programs and tools generate a content score, your readers and customers will give you satisfied ratings. To gain the highest ratings possible, you need originality rid of any plagiarism. 

  • PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker


Prepostseo’s Plagiarism checker increases in popularity as we speak. Students and professionals use it every day.The one reason behind that is its convenience when you check for plagiarism. 

Prepostseoensured that their plagiarism checker does not overcomplicate things. It’s easy to use, and you can pick from a plethora of languages. Moreover, if your use it for business, then it guarantees affordability


  • 1000 words for visitors, 1500 words for free registered users
  • Tops in cost-effectiveness
  • Unlimited word count on premium use
  • Quotes & URL exclusion


  • Limited additional languages
  • Grammarly

Weather or not its true Grammarly always says they have detected plagiarism in your text in an attempt to get you to sign up to their website (I tested and made sure

Grammarly has become a household object for writers these days. Students, professionals, and enterprises all use it because of its convenience and low prices. 

The plagiarism checker on Grammarly is amazing, as it shows percentages of detected plagiarism. It allows you to fix them on the go and proves very timesaving. 


  • Best price-to-performance ratio
  • Excludes quotes, URLs, and customized headlines
  • Swift & quick


  • MSWord & Browser plugin present problems at times
  • Limited free use
  • Plagium

Plagium Reviews, Prices & Ratings | GetApp UK 2022

Plagium takes the “on-the-go” approach seriously. It’s one of the quickest plagiarism checkers, accessing internet-wide databases. This tool ensures that not a single word goes unchecked.

Regardless of your writing style, industry, niche, or purpose, it will find any irregularities and originalities. You can either copy/paste your content or check the URL and upload the desired file.


  • Quick & convenient 
  • 1000 word check per search
  • Multi languages


  • The Pro version is alsoinexpensive
  • Lack of additional options such as translation, URL exclusion, etc.
  • Online Plagiarism Checker

Online Plagiarism Checking | PlagScan

Online Plagiarism Checker is one of the leading, ad-free plag checkers online. You can check 10000 words in the free version. It allows you to upload files in different formats. These elements makeOnline Plagiarism Checker one of the easiest and on-the-go checkers today. 


  • Its completely free
  • Check by uploading file
  • Deep search


  • Only provides 10000 word support
  • Quetext

QueText Review: The Best Plagarism Checker for You?

Quetextfocuses mainly on paid audiences. However, the free plag checker on their website is remarkable. It allows you to check 1000 words on the go, but it reserves most of the features for the premium version.

In premium edition, you get grammar check, tone correction, and various other tools. So, when you compare it with names like Grammarly, it might fall a little short. However, the attractive price tag more than makes up for it. 


  • Highly affordable
  • 500 words free check
  • URL exclusion 
  • Supports various writing types


  • Limited free use
  • Have to pay once for a year
  • ProWriting Aid

Everything You Need to Know About ProWritingAid Plagiarism Checks

ProWritingAidis the go-to software for many famous writers, filmmakers, editors, columnists, and novelists. This stat alone should tell you the prowess of this program. 

Therefore, if you don’t mind a monthly $20 subscription to avoid plagiarism, any other program or tool rarely comes close to ProWritingAid. 


  • Desktop app
  • Lifetime purchase
  • Creative, Business & Academic writing support


  • Lack of free use
  • Whitesmoke

WhiteSmoke Premium | World-Leading Language Solutions by WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke is yet another program on this list that saves the best for paid versions. The attractive price tag and access to an extensive database would attract most plagiarism checkers and proofreaders. 

While you can use the freestyle and grammar check, for the plag check, you need to buy it for at least $5 a month, which isn’t much at all. This reason is why this tool has made a list. 


  • Affordable
  • Browser compatibility
  • Mobile app
  • Effective Translator


  • Limited free use
  • Not good at exclusion


All of the programs mentioned above provide something that stands out. While Pre Post SEO’s Plagiarism check is the best, the world-renowned Grammarly isn’t too far behind. The rest depends on your priority, choices, and usage.

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