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There are more than millions of website on Goolgle who rank in Google Search Engine and get updates on daily basis which has a value given by Google so that your website can appear in Google Search Engine earlier than other website. These website has criteria and limits which bring them on Google result first page and these criteria is decide by the special ranking factor MOZ Directory which give Domain Authority preference to rank website on top as compare to others. If you wanted to feature on websites,you have to follow Google community guidance say maybe to build backlinks which is promote website ranking and improve DA and PA of a Website and let you know the most authoritative or reputable ones to target?

After all, there are more then 1.9 billion (1900000000) websites on the Internet and get updates daily in Google Search Engine.

It turns out there is a interenational rating system which is define by MOZ DA Checker !

All websites are not rated equal cause of different Niche and category like content base website product base website service base website and has large amount of verieble data. Some pack more “respect and reputation” than others. Some of them are still making links and adding content trying to gain traction. Some have been online for long years and remaining on same postition, steadily building their presence. Some only got registered this recent year.

This disparity that exists among online websites gives rise to the need for a rating system, and it’s called (DA) or you can say the way in which a website raise in Google itself is known as DA.

Learn What is Domain Authority

Well Search Engine like Google, Bing show  lots of result while input any random search queary with the help of Google Artificial intelligency lots of highly realted result come in to show every result has a preference which base on DA is a score which origionally assign by MOZ DA Checker that hints on the “strength” and relevance of a website for a specific result related to that organic search traffic query subject area or industry. It’s a logarithmic scale of points, DA can be ranging from zero to 100 variable terms, which predicts how well a website will rank on Google search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the number of points, the higher is a website’s DA.

Now, don’t get confuse with Website’s name authority with page authority. They both are different.

While DA tell us about a website its overall quality work quality data and relation with Google Algorithms (Guidelines) ranking potential of the entire domain or website, page authority (PA) is the ranking potential of a single web page.

Both require tools to check.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority a term use to represents quality of a website how authoritative an online website is on a scale of 0-100 high to low. It is calculated by Moz, official partner of Google rank strategy an SEO software provider which keep updated regular. The score is largely based on the quality links made on and via a website, as well as the MozTrust and MozRank scores.

Domain authority and page authority

These days,Google is very sensitive scan websites are all about reputation. They’re about trust for Google and visitors.Google always want to tracking quality work on which basis Google justify fair things .If you said your website is good score and good trust flow its may be differ according Google cause only Google can you tell whether your website has a ‘good’ reputation? How can you find out if people ‘trust’ your website more than other website, compared to those of your competitors?In SEO, we use ‘domain authority’ and ‘page authority’ which check from Google API and give info about domain authority checkers to do this job.Domain authority is matter a lot for every website. Here at Over The Top SEO, we specialize in checking domain authority of website on regularly.

Domain Authority Checker Definition

Defination of Domain authority is assign by Google that DA of a website is quality or a website maintain with links,technical,content. There are different type of criteria which  affect your website. DA (Domain Authority) is a not a ranking factor its just a number which tell your website reputation in history , introduced by Moz, which describes the keyrole and relevance of a website for a particular subject area. DA score can be minimum to maximum range from 1 to 100 and can be vary time to time and quality work. The higher the domain authority of a site is, the priority of rank website in Google increase. The concept directly deals with search engine result pages (SERPs) handle by Google algorithm .The higher the score is, the higher ability to rank it corresponds.

How to check domain authority?

To check the domain authority DA of a website is quite simply visit Moz official website or other tools website enter the URL into the input box would like to suggest you go with moz DA checker cause that will gonna give you 100 percent accurate information about domain authority many website use API for Domain authority. Some time during updating of DA site can be get error. You'll then be able to see your score in the DA column. If you have several to check, just enter one URL per line up to a maximum of 10.

How to Domain Authority Checker Work?

It is a very simple  process for Google which scan website by its spider crawler which crawl more then million website in a day and get know about all time history of website and give a conclusion which tell the score of Domain  that combines core website characteristics into one. First, the number of unique root domains mean as much as time you link your website created with a new unique domain which are good quality domain makes a very good bonding with other website just like a neighbor make relation with others peoples in society to make bonding. This number is an essential indicator of all website’s relative strengths and weaknesses. After that, domain authority checker Moz defines the total number of internal and external links applied throughout the website. MozRank and MozTrust scores are a part of single DA score too. In such a way, the domain authority checker tracks the strength of a website over time. To sustain a competitive domain authority score, you must keep working on your website to make relation with other website and check ranking power constantly with the use of such tools as SERP Analysis section of Keywords Explorer.

How is Domain Authority scored?

In simple word Google said do quality work and get increase your Domain Authority In order to increase domain authority of a website, you'll need to build backlinks of high quality to your website. Not all links are treating equally for Google every website has a different quality , so you should aim to get links from websites that already have a high domain authority. To see if your score has increased, you'll have to wait for Moz to update its index and regular.

General scale of domain authority justify is from 0 to 100. But it is not enough to know the number only, you must operate the data and analyze wisely so you can get the accurate data. There are particulr trend for domain range on which you can make links and get a sequence so your DA updated. Bear in mind that it is much easier to improve your score from 15 to 35 than to grow from 65 to 85.Google said according to this score one can learn the age of your website, the level of reliable sources that refer to it and the possible level of trust that Google has for the website.

For instance, if you went from 0 to 25, this is a brand new site you need to make your website older for making trust flow , which Google may trust badly that’s why older is better for Domain authority. Take into account that 0-10 is a score that is deadly poor. 25-50 is a score that marks quite adequate sites on which other good quality sites are ready to link with you, which are not big, but deserve much attention and have a perspective to stand out in their niche. 50-100 is a score that is a mark of a source that one can surely consider as serious website who are regular doing good work.

Domain authority checker tool FAQ

The domain authority checker tool is free to use for limited time after an interval need to verify capcha code and works in all browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. You can also check the page authority of the page with this tool and export all data to Excel.


What about ‘ page authority of site’?

Essentially, ‘ web page authority’ of a site measures the total relevance of a particular  web page on or your site pages like home web page. It scores a particular web page using similar criteria basis of history and relationship to your site’s overall domain authority, but does so only for a single  web page. If that web page, which might be an article or topic treatment on your site also can help to raise your root domain authority, is referenced more than other on your site, it’ll have a higher ‘ web page authority’ than other    on that site.The more you have with higher web page authority, the higher your domain’s aggregate domain authority. This means that it’s not enough to make your overall site an authority in a particular area or sector. You need to look at each individual  web page carefully and make it better day by day with best it can possibly be.Here at Over The best SEO practices we have our own proprietary strategy metrics for both domain authority and web page authority. We specialize in making your web site, and its individual  , the best they can be. Our SEO job is to make your site a ‘go-to’ authority in its particular sector, through brilliant and insightful rich SEO content that’s well-researched, original, and new.


Domain Authority vs web page Authority

Don’t confuse the definitions between website and Domain and  web page authority scores as these rates may be have completely non-similar to each other. The value of an individual  web page on Google is calculated according to the same google algorithm criteria as the Domain. So, your website domain make links with other websites which may have links to both strong and weak sites that lead your website to some average google ranking score (let it be 50). But one certain site or web page may have only strong links and override the Domain Authority number.

How domain authority define good bad score

Good domain authority is a score which have 25+ and a bad domain authority score is below 15. To understand this process of ranking keyword more precisely, let’s make an analogy. When the rain falls, every leaf of every tree gathers a certain amount drop of water, which in the future nurtures the whole tree. That’s how every website and its  web page shares the authority of its links with the whole site. To water the entire tree, you must start from the leaves, to make this process gradual. If you spread a large amount of water at once, you can hurt your plant and make it rot. The same thing happens with your website if you add too many links that refer to your site at once.

How search engine deal with domain authority

Search engine keep crawling your website regularly every time you update about your website as much as accurate result your website show in search engine its help to improve your domain authority.

Why did my Authority change?

If your score has increased or decreased recently that is common, there are many possible leading factors which can be the cause of change in ranking and domain authority. You must keep analyze your latest actions links formed made with the site and define which of those factors brought the most impact:

How many link need to make for increase domain authority

Category Backlinks DA
Technology 50 15
Finance 75 24
Health 120 25
Business 40 19
Fashion 150 20
Auto 140 24

How much time domain authority take to change

Domain authority is a factor which changing after a time interval if your website stop making quality links every time Google bot crawler come and crawl your website it keep notice about your website new links on that basis every month or a time interval of 35 google gave an update about domain authority.

  • In case you have started growing quantity of  link profile recently, it might have not been captured in the Mozscape index. Your site must undergo several index update cycles to include newly acquired links in the ranking ;
  • You obtained links from sources that Google ranking do not recognize;
  • A scaling instability impacted increasing backlinks or other links can also impact your score;

How to make domain authority constant

Domain authority is an important factor in seo for every website a good domain authority is helpful to bring rank in business every website deserves to rank high and keep good domain authority for this website need to either constant or keep increasing in domain authority. Quality is the only way to keep constant or increase domain authority regularly The rise and fall of  web page and Domain Authority always depend on metrics factors that are not separated from outside events or influences. Both positive and negative factors time to time affect it. Sometimes it happens that instant result you see even after a site improves SEO, the DA score will not display it. Even if a given site/ web page working with both quality links had increased the quantity of trustworthy links that definitely are recognized by search engines, this is not a 100% guarantee that the Authority score will go high with trustworthy links. The reason for this is constant fluctuations within the scale. So, authority scores are best viewed as relative rather than absolute metrics.

On which factor domain authority depend

Domain authority directly depend on your website off page and on page activity as much as good work you keep working for your website domain authority will keep increase time to time here are few factors on which domain authority increase.

1 Guest post
2 Article
3 Press release
4 Business Listing
5 Profile
6 Quora
7 Infographics
8 Video

Pay for increase domain authority

 If you are looking for increase domain authority easily with in less time you can directly deal with other good quality website you can ask them for direct interlink with your website. Good quality website are ready to link with your website for a particular fee which vary website to website.