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Who Make our Team

We have complete contact details and verified email addresses of VP, CEO, Chief Digital Officer, Head of Marketing/Digital, Creative Director, Content Strategist, Developer, Designer, Marketing Manager, Marketing director, SEO manager, Social media manager, Project Manager, Digital Brand Manager, Creative Assistant, Content Manager, Graphic Designer, Software Engineer, Media Buyer, and many more.

Our Team

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Message From CEO

Mr Gerry

Cheif Executive Officer

When I first started the agency, referrals were my primary source of revenue, but once our team learned how to take our company to another level through marketing and now we are leading.


Navdeep Kaur

Vice President

John Smithy

Chief Financial Officer

Linda Kloe

Senior Engineer

Ricardo Gomez

HR Manager

We are a team of experts

Being an effective SEO team means being able to do a variety of tasks with a good degree of independence.Being an SEO professional means being able to work with minimal supervision, which helps one develop new skills and techniques on how to approach SEO.

With my team, we just don’t see ourselves as that, as we see ourselves as a large family that support each other through thick and thin. Every member of your team matters, and forming a strong bond between them would ensure that you have a very effective team that is able to perform at their best, and grow into the best version of themselves. Working in SEO is not just about the results, but it is also about the growth and development of each individual.

Big Data Analysis

our SEO team with the insights they need to drive feature development and traffic growth forward. Working with huge data-sets

Best Keyword Ranking

Our SEO Team will boost your website Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page to grow your lead on daily basis.

SEO Mobile Specialty

Our SEO Team good enough to work with mobile friendly SEO and provides a better user experience, is easier to share, and is optimized for search engines

Team of SEO Experts

Our team bunch of Expert handle every part of Digital Marketing also comprises of Business Development Managers, SEO Managers, SEO Team Leaders, Juniors SEOs, Content Writers,Link Builders, Web Designers and Developers, all of whom are passionate and committed to being the best in their respective fields. Each one is an seo expert in their own right and knows how their work contributes to the overall success of the internet and seo campaign.